French Fried Potatoes

Somehow "French" fries are an American classic. Recipes for The Best Homemade French Fries or Pork Tenderloin with Carrots and Fries offer options for this favorite side dish.

The Best Homemade French Fries

Better Homes and Gardens

Prepared in just 30 minutes or less, sea salt or other coarse salt gives these easy fried potatoes a pleasing extra layer of texture.

Chicken Fingers with Red Eye Ketchup

Better Homes and Gardens

Kids will love this dinner, which includes all their favorites--chicken fingers, fries and ketchup.

Hand-Cut French Fries

Family Circle

Serve homemade fries with curry ketchup and garlic aioli for a side dish that blows the fast food version away.

No-Fry Fries

Better Homes and Gardens

Oven-frying takes the mess out of making these french-fry look-a-likes and lessens the fat.

Pork Tenderloin with Carrots and Fries

Better Homes and Gardens

This pork recipe is an entire meal in one pan and it only takes 35 minutes in the oven.

Mini Burger Party Platter

Midwest Living

Make these restaurant-style mini burgers as a fun appetizer at your next party. Add one or more of our flavored toppers and serve with seasoned waffle fries.

Cheeseburger Dip

Better Homes and Gardens

Burger-Potato Bites

Better Homes and Gardens

For a fun game-day treat, prepare these mini cheeseburger bites that use waffle fries instead of buns.

Portobello Burgers

Family Circle

Meat Loaf and Potatoes Club

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 15 mins

Fingerling Fries with Smoky Ketchup


Why fry potatoes when you can get so much more flavor, so much less fat and just as much crisp by grilling?

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