Green Peppers

Low in calories and big on flavor, green peppers are delicious when stuffed with beef and rice or when stir-fried with chicken and onions. Browse these recipes and use those green peppers tonight.

Grilled Italian Sausage with Sweet & Sour Peppers

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For a Sicilian-style meal, ready to eat in 30 minutes, serve this grilled sausage, peppers, and onions recipe. The sweet-tart vinegar sauce has toasted almonds and raisins for authentic Italian flavor.

Cajun Chicken & Chips

Family Circle

A ketchup-based dipping sauce accompanies these pan-fried boneless chicken breasts. Cajun seasoning in the crispy coating adds extra heat.

Chili-Cornbread Skillet

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You need only five ingredients and one skillet to fix this main-dish recipe. Top the ground turkey and chili bean filling with cornbread batter made from a mix and bake right in the skillet.

BBQ White Beans with Peppers

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If you prefer more salty, smoky flavor, try bacon in place of ham in this picnic-ready bean salad.

Carrot-Sweet Pepper Salad

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Score big for nutrition with this fresh salad. These ingredients plus 10 minutes prep equals twice the daily recommendation for vitamin A, nearly a full-day's measure of vitamin C, and one-fifth the recommendation for vitamin E in each serving.

Total: 15 mins

Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich

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This beef sandwich with cheese and onions on a long roll has been a favorite fast food in the City of Brotherly Love since at least the 1930s.

Stuffed Peppers Risotto

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A popular stuffed pepper main dish filled with precooked chicken, asparagus, tarragon, and rice cooked with whipping cream.

Total: 30 mins

Teriyaki Beef and Lettuce Wraps

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Savory fillings inside lettuce leaves make a healthy appetizer that's light, fresh and fantastic.

Total: 40 mins

Chicken and Duck Hunter Stew

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Stew is the perfect make-ahead main dish. Serve this recipe with Israeli couscous, available in most grocery stores and specialty food stores.

Golden Green Paella

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This Spanish main dish recipe gets its golden color and earthy kick from turmeric, a brightly hued spice related to ginger.

Sweet-and-Sour Turkey Meatballs

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This kid-pleasing skillet meal is bright, colorful, and satisfying. The turkey meatballs mingle with pineapple, green pepper, and carrot in a tangy sauce.

Wild Rice Pilaf

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Grape tomatoes add garden-fresh flavor to this easy side dish recipe made with both white rice and packaged wild rice mixes.

Scallop Kabobs

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Discover the delicate flavor of scallops in these low-calorie seafood kabobs. These are marinated in an orange-herb mixture and broiled to perfection.

Double Crusty Pizza

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These cheese and pepperoni filled sandwiches are essentially calzones made easy with pita rounds.

Farm Salad with Sweet Peppers and Sage Croutons

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A tart and tangy apple cider vinaigrette provides beautiful balance to this salad of sweet peppers, fresh greens and earthy sage. Toasted garlic-sage croutons add depth of flavor as well as fabulous texture. Add dressing just before serving.

Tomato Pancakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Stir fresh tomatoes and sweet pepper into the batter for this oatmeal pancake recipe. Sprinkle the cakes with cheddar cheese to serve with eggs for breakfast or with steak or chicken for dinner.

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