Portobello Mushrooms

Whether grilling or slicing to add to a salad, the beefy portobello mushroom adds hearty, earthy flavor to a variety of recipes. The large caps of portobello mushrooms are perfect for stuffing or serving as a vegetarian burger.

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Creamy Spinach-Stuffed Portobellos


Ready in just 30 minutes, these meatless, stuffed portobello mushrooms are hearty, satisfying and delicious.

Total: 37 mins

Roasted-Pepper Sauce

Taste of the South
Total: 1 hr 20 mins

Savory Beef and Portobello Mushrooms

Swanson Broth & Stock

Served over hot noodles, this mouthwatering dish features tender beef, carrots and mushrooms that simmer in a flavorful mixture of beef stock and red wine.

Total: 1 hr

Smoky Steak Sauce

Food & Wine

When grilling a meal, chef Robert Del Grande of Cafe Annie and Bar Annie in Houston threads ingredients for sauces onto skewers to cook alongside the meat. While the meat rests, he purees the sauce ingredients in a blender.

Total: 30 mins

Twice-Marinated Mushrooms

Fine Cooking Magazine

These mushrooms get lots of flavor from a quick sear, although they keep a nice, chewy texture because they're not cooked all the way through. The wine-and-vinegar marinade infuses them with even more flavor and provides an acidic balance to the rich olive oil. Tastier and meatier than your average store-bought jarred mushrooms, these are delicious on crostini, over steak, pork, or chicken, and as a pita topping or omelet filling. This recipe works well with a variety of mushrooms. The cooking time, however, varies slightly depending on the type you use. You can marinate each mushroom variety separately, or if you want to marinate a mix of mushrooms, cook them separately and then marinate them together.

Portobello Mushroom Napoleon Appetizers

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

These appetizing Napoleons have three layers of flaky pastry layered with sauteed mushrooms, sliced tomatoes and provolone.

Total: 1 hr 40 mins

Chunky Pot Roast-Portobello Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

The umami level of this soup is off the charts, thanks to the pot roast, red wine and portobello mushrooms.

Creamy Polenta with Portobello Mushroom Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Looking for hearty main-dish vegetarian dishes? Serve this made-for-two recipe of meaty-flavor portobello mushrooms, mild yet tangy shredded Havarti cheese, and polenta.

Total: 25 mins

Portobello Wrap with White Bean-Chile Spread

Better Homes and Gardens

This wrap recipe combines a bean puree, spinach mixture, sliced portobello mushrooms, and cheese into a delectable main dish.

Asian Marinated Portabella 'Steak'

Fine Cooking Magazine

Serve this full-flavored portbella "steak" with jasmine rice and greens tossed with some of the marinade. Seared baby bok choy is also a nice accompaniment.

Weeknight Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Vegetables become power players in this easy take on lasagna. Zucchini and portobello mushrooms combine nicely with ground beef, garlic, ricotta, and mozzarella.

Grilled Beef Fillet with Portobello Relish

Better Homes and Gardens

Meaty, portobello mushrooms made into a fresh condiment are the perfect topper for grilled beef tenderloin.

Roast Duck with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

The exotic dried mushrooms in this recipe complement the duck's robust flavor for a perfect entertaining entree.

Rolled Turkey Loaf

Better Homes and Gardens

Roasted Portabella & Garlic Sandwich

Fine Cooking Magazine

In this recipe, the portabella is served whole, like a hamburger. If a whole cap doesn't fit on your bread, slice the cap on the diagonal, put the slices on the bread, top with cheese, and then broil.

Shrimp-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve these stuffed mushrooms whole as a sit-down appetizer with a knife and fork or cut them into quarters for a finger food.

Green Bean Bake Revisited

Better Homes and Gardens

We updated this favorite side dish casserole recipe with fresh onion and baby portobello mushrooms. Make ahead to save time.

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