You've got a craving for garlic, and we have garlic recipes galore. From garlic bread and garlic shrimp to roasted garlic spread on toast points, these flavorful recipes won't disappoint.

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How to Make Garlic Bread

No matter how fresh the pasta, how rich the sauce or how crisp the tossed salad, many people feel an Italian feast falls short unless there's hot, buttery garlic bread. Never fear, we're here to teach you how to make garlic bread, so your meal will always be complete.

Total: 35 mins

Asian Marinade

Better Homes and Gardens

Use this Asian-style marinade to flavor beef, fish, or chicken.

Basil Dipping Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

This basil, garlic, and mayonnaise sandwich spread is extraordinary on leftover roast beef or roast turkey sandwiches.

Garlic-Roasted Asparagus

Midwest Living

Roasting asparagus brings out a slightly sweet flavor which pairs well with the classicly pungent notes of garlic. Try this for brunch alongside poached eggs, or as a dinner side with your favorite main dish meat or fish.

Peach Chutney

Midwest Living

This recipe from the Peach Barn Cafe in Alto Pass, Illinois, makes just 2 1/4 cups, but if you have an abundance of peaches, you can make multiple batches of this recipe and can them.

Shrimp and Grits

Family Circle

Cherry Vinaigrette

Midwest Living

This tangy, thick, cherry-colored dressing tastes great on most any tossed salads. It's nice on fresh fruit, too.

Total: 25 mins

honey-horseradish mustard

Family Circle

This gourmet sandwich spread makes a lovely gift for the person who has everything.

Apple-Glazed Pork Chops

Midwest Living

Dry red wine, garlic, and a flavorful combination of herbs complement these oven-baked pork chops.

Easy Aioli

Midwest Living

Aioli is a versaile garlic mayonnaise that can be used as a sauce for hot or cold vegetables for an appetizer or side dish. Or serve it with beef or lamb for dinner.

Total: 15 mins

Jack Cheese and Smoky Chipotle Fondue

Midwest Living

Red sweet peppers and green onions add color to this smoky cheese dip. Serve it as an appetizer with bread cubes or tortilla chips.


Better Homes and Gardens

Whether you use sausage or beef, this meaty lasagna is sure to satisfy. Use cottage cheese instead of ricotta to make it a little more healthy.

Pasta Fagioli with Sausage

Family Circle

Fagioli refers to beans in general, which are a favorite ingredient in Tuscan cooking, and an easy way to add protein to a pasta recipe without adding more meat.

Pork Sirloin and Beans

Family Circle

The slow melding of flavors is what makes this pork sirloin recipe so amazing. The pork is flavored with fresh herbs and a tomato and bean mixture to make this irresistible one-dish meal.

Asian Street Sandwiches

Family Circle

Salty soy and oyster sauce blend with sweet brown sugar and spicy chili garlic sauce to season these Asian-inspired sandwiches.

Pizza Casserole

Family Circle

With its crust on the top and a generous sprinkling of cheese, this casserole will remind you of a sausage pizza turned upside-down.

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