Corn on the Cob

Bring the sweet, summer flavor of corn to your table with these juicy corn on the cob recipes. Whether you prefer to grill or boil your corn on the cob, slather it with an herb butter, or eat if fresh from the farmer's market, you'll find the best recipes right here.

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Perfect Corn On The Cob: What's The Secret?

When it comes right down to it, there's really only one "secret" to perfect corn on the cob: Buy it fresh. I come from New Jersey, where summer corn is so sweet you can slice it right off the cob and into your salad -- raw -- and for the rest of your life, that bright, snappy flavor haunts your memory (along with the smell of Aqua Net and the sound of 1,000 meatheads misunderstanding the actual meaning behind "Born in the U.S.A.").

31 Days of Great Grilling: Mexican Corn on the Cob

Mexican street vendors know the secret of grilled corn, the country's favorite "to-go" snack. It's in the chili powder, the mayo, and the special Cotija cheese, ingredients that when paired with the great taste of grilled corn keeps 'em coming back for more. If you love backyard grilling, and go wild for fresh sweet corn every year, don't be put off by any perceived complications in this great grilled dish.

10 Creative Corn on the Cob Side Dishes

Spice up your side dish repertoire with one of these 10 flavorful rubs, spreads or sprinkles that elevate traditional corn on the cob.

Corn Pudding

Food & Wine

"Some corn puddings are really dense," says Katie Lee. "The egg whites here make this one lighter." The cornmeal in the recipe settles a bit in the bottom of the baking dish, almost creating a layer of corn bread under the moist, sweet pudding.

Total: 1 hr 25 mins

Grilled Corn Nibblers® with Lime Butter

Betty Crocker

Savor freshly grilled corn on the cob drizzled with melted butter and sprinkled with fresh herbs. Yum.

Total: 50 mins

Sweet Corn Succotash

Food & Wine

Birmingham, Alabama, chef Chris Hastings uses fresh field peas, like black-eyed peas, in his succotash, but green peas are nicely sweet.

Total: 45 mins

Grilled Corn with Aleppo-Pepper Aioli

Food & Wine

At his latest restaurant, Sou'Wester, in Washington, DC, Eric Ziebold slathers corn on the cob with an aioli spiked with hot Aleppo pepper.

Total: 30 mins

Grilled Corn with Green Tomato Salsa

Better Homes and Gardens

Garden fresh tomatoes and feta cheese create a delicious topper in this grilled corn recipe.

Roasted Corn Kabobs

The Food Channel

Summertime is the perfect time to roast corn on the grill. Adding red peppers to the skewer adds extra color and flavor appeal.

How to Grill Corn

Steamed or boiled corn on the cob is delicious, but learning how to grill corn takes it to whole different level of flavor.

Grilled Corn on the Cob With Herbs

Better Homes and Gardens

Grilling corn on the cob, especially when slathered with butter and sprinkled with fresh herbs, is when of the joys of summer. Use cotton string to secure the husks around the corn; synthetic string can melt when heated.

Corn Maque Choux

The Food Channel

This traditional south Louisiana side dish (pronounced mock shoe) features fresh-cut corn slow-simmered with onions, bell peppers and rich cream seasoned with a shake of cayenne pepper sauce. Add shrimp, crawfish, Tasso ham or crabmeat for a hearty main dish entree.

Total: 30 mins

Smashed Potatoes Ole

Better Homes and Gardens

This spicy potato side dish recipe pairs well with most any meat. Very good with chicken or turkey.

Grilled Corn with Chipotle Lime Butter

The Food Channel

Smoky chipotle enhances the hot-off-the-grill summer flavor of sweet corn on the cob.

Corn: Smart Storage

What is the essence of summer eating? For me, it's my first taste of the perfect ear of corn. Sweet and silky, corn on the cob just can't be beat when the season is upon us.

Prime Produce: The Best Corn Recipes for Summer

Whether you prefer your corn on the cob or in a salad, try these ten recipes to make the most of this peak season produce.

Corn on the Cob  Recipes: Take your pick!
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