Cabbage Rolls

With so many different ways to fill cabbage, you may never run out of options. These cabbage roll recipes run the gamut from Southwestern black bean stuffed to traditional Polish or Hungarian rolls and even a cabbage roll casserole.

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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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As cabbage cooks, it softens and mellows, making for a perfect "wrap" for a beef and rice bundle.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage Rolls

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Raisins and brown sugar sweeten bottled marinara sauce while a splash of lemon juice adds tartness that complements these bean-and-rice-filled cabbage rolls, cooked slowly in a crockery cooker.

Turkey and Wild Rice Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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Wild rice, turkey, cranberries, and a can of mushroom soup join our Midwestern translation of this treasured old-world classic.

Sweet & Sour Cabbage Rolls


Lean ground turkey and brown rice seasoned with fresh dill and caraway seeds makes a moist filling for these stuffed cabbage rolls. They're baked in a combination of tomato sauce, lemon juice and honey for the familiar sweet-and-sour flavor typical of the dish.

Total: 2 hrs

How to Make Corned Beef

Every March, when St. Patrick's Day rolls around, people all across the United States start digging out recipes for how to make corned beef. Corned beef is a beef brisket cured in large grains of salt (called "corns," hence the name). While its association with the Irish holiday is cemented in American culture, corned beef and cabbage is not actually the national dish of Ireland. In fact, the average Irish diet didn't even include beef until the 1900s. Corned beef was a delicacy beyond the reach of most common folk, largely because salt was so expensive and also because in those days the Irish kept cattle primarily for dairy.

10 Good-for-You Cabbage Recipes: Cheap & Healthy Foods

I never thought of myself as someone who likes cabbage. The thick, white leaves and lettuce-like rotundity doesn't inspire a lot of passion. But for a bunch of weeks I had tons of it, in every variety, in my weekly CSA box, and I tried a bevy of recipes to see what I could make of it.

Cabbage: Fresh Talk

Take a trip to New Orleans with a bowl of crunchy, colorful Mardi Gras Slaw! Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, is famously and raucously celebrated in New Orleans (as well as in Rio de Janeiro) every year, as people from all over the world gather to indulge in over-the-top food and drink before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season begins the following day, on Ash Wednesday. I'm all for a good party, but will be taking Fat Tuesday a little less literally next week by incorporating healthy Mardi Gras Slaw into my Cajun-inspired menu.

Collard Spring Rolls

Raw collard spring rolls are a celebration of seasonal vegetables, filled with carrots, beets, and kohlrabi for a crunchy, refreshing dish.

How To Coupon: November Deals!

Ready or not, here come the holidays -- and their sales! I love winter sales cycles because they feature meal-making staples and baking supplies that I can stock up on for the rest of the season. Here's what to look for in November: Baking supplies: nuts, chocolate chips, cans of evaporated and condensed milk, coconut, cake mix, brownie mix, Chex cereal Canned goods: soups, vegetables, fruits, tomato sauce Holiday meal staples: canned pumpkin, stuffing mixes, gravy mixes, cranberry sauce, frozen rolls and pies, instant potatoes, marshmallows.

9 Ways to Go Beyond Stuffed Peppers

Let seasonal veggies take center stage in these creative recipes that go beyond just stuffed peppers.

What's on the Menu at Today's Inaugural Feast?

We're sure the president is excited for his swearing-in ceremony today, but once he takes that oath -- grab your forks and strap on the feed bag -- it's time to eat! Following the 57th presidential inauguration, President Obama and his family -- along with a whole bunch of other folks, including Vice-President Joe Biden, members of the president's cabinet and Congress and Supreme Court justices -- will gather at the Capitol for a big ol' three-course meal. If only all Americans could join in.

Good Luck Recipes for a Great New Year's Blast

You're in luck for this year's New Year's Eve party. True, you make your own luck, as the saying goes. But when it comes to food, many of us take that adage literally, and when New Year's rolls around, we make foods that are meant to bring good fortune in the coming year.

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Whether you're doing Whole 30, eating Paleo, are gluten-free, or are simply aiming to eat well, these chicken dinners are fresh, clean, and delicious.

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This recipe couldn't be easier, more delicious, or more versatile! Eat this spicy Thai ground pork salad in seven different ways!

MyPlate Meals: 5 Healthy Chicken Dinners

Chicken ... again? Sure, it's the one thing most of us pick up at the supermarket every week and usually always have in the fridge, and you may be a little bored with the same old bird. You bake it, fry it, grill it ... and more than likely you're running out of ideas on how to perk it up and make dinner feel special.

How to Make Light 'n Crisp Egg Rolls

This appetizer favorite is quick to make. Serve these light n crisp egg rolls with a bit of sesame ginger dressing for a delicious start to a meal.

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