Baked Beans

Homemade baked beans are beyond delicious - even people who think they don¿t like beans can¿t resist homemade. They make a fantastic side dish or main course: serve them with corn bread on the side and their a meal on their own, or pair the baked beans with hearty meats and a green salad for a casual dinner.

See Popular Baked Beans Recipes

Baked Beans: Give 'Em an Easy Flavor Makeover!

It almost goes without saying that when it comes to convenience, nothing beats canned baked beans. But when it comes to flavor -- eh, the results are mixed. Too sweet, too salty or just plain too gloppy, canned baked beans are to cookouts what cornflakes are to breakfast: easy, quick ...

What a Crock! 6 Delish Baked Bean Recipes, from Fast to Slow

If television commercials are to be believed, a pot of baked beans is so magical it can make a dog talk. While we know that's pretty unlikely (to say the least), we will agree that baked beans are delicious enough to make just about any summertime gathering that involves, say, a grill or a picnic even better. A staple of cookouts ever since cowboys cooked them over campfires, baked beans are a must-have at summer barbecues.

Easy New Year's Resolutions: Get Lean Mean Beans

When you stock your pantry with beans, you always have a terrific lean source of protein, fiber, iron, and B vitamins handy. Plus, beans are "good carbs," the complex carbohydrates that give you more energy. Stretch beyond the old-fashioned baked beans (although they're pretty delicious, too).

Brits Aim to Serve Gold-Medal Grub at Olympics

London is known for many things -- but let's face it: gold medal-worthy food isn't one of them. (Yeah, we'll pass on the baked beans in tomato sauce. And the bangers and mash.

Supermarket Savvy: Dried vs Canned Beans

I spend weeks before the holidays in a magical flurry of white flour, cinnamon, and powdered sugar, so after the last cookie is eaten, I need savory foods to restore the balance. For inspiration, I interviewed pastry chef Amanda Milazzo at Cakery Dauphine to see what she prepares at home to offset all those sweets. Beans and legumes, she says, are her go-to foods.

Red Beans and Rice: 30-Minute Meal

They don't call New Orleans the Big Easy for nothing. Life moves at a gentler pace in Louisiana, where folks even take their cooking slow, in order to bring out the best flavors. Red beans and rice is a signature of Creole Louisiana, a dish that was traditionally served on Mondays, acquiring one of its key ingredients--a ham bone--from the baked ham that was customarily eaten on Sundays.

How to Cook a Honey-Glazed Ham

Once you learn how to cook a honey-glazed ham in your own kitchen you'll find it's just as easy to make one at home as it is to make the trip to a specialty store for a pre-sliced ham with a packet of glaze. What's more, you'll find the homemade version is considerably less expensive.

MyPlate Meals: 5 Healthy Hearty Bean Dinners

Beans -- in soups like chunky minestrone and in powerhouse chili or even as the basis for a jazzy salad-- are not just healthy and good for you. They're the stuff of legend. Think about it: Every Western movie features beans, right?

Molasses, the Natural Sweetener: Real Healthy

Do you have a bottle of molasses languishing in the back of your pantry -- one that only comes out once or twice a year for that holiday gingerbread recipe or homemade baked beans? If so, it's time to bring this neglected ingredient up to the front of the cupboard. Blackstrap molasses, which is a byproduct of sugar refining, is one of the most nutritious sweeteners available.

Celebrate William & Kate's New Baby With..."Royal" Cheese??

Is there some sort of weird English tradition we don't know about (kind of like big hats at horse races and baked beans for breakfast) that involves celebrating a new baby with cheese? Otherwise, Whole Foods' announcement of its limited-time-only "William and Kate Royal Addition Cheddar Cheese" is entirely baffling to us. Even with the substitution of "Addition" for "Edition," it doesn't seem quite cheeky enough to be ironic.

Pulled Pork Perfection

Pulled pork ought to have the same patriotic status as apple pie--it's that popular and a delicious way to prepare meat that's especially great for summertime meals. Cook it any way you like--and we've got plenty of suggestions here--and turn pulled pork into a terrific sandwich, a main dish, or use it to fill quesadillas or tacos. Easy as pie.

10 Good-for-You Bean Recipes: Cheap & Healthy Foods

I have a friend who claims that the only baby toy you need is a jar full of dried beans. Although it's true that dried beans are beautiful and that they rattle if you shake them, I have a bad feeling about using a jar as a baby toy. (And really, my kids would have enjoyed this toy for about six seconds.)

How to Make Chicken Enchiladas

If you've shied away from learning how to make chicken enchiladas, you're not alone. While tacos and even burritos seem fairly manageable, enchiladas can be intimidating, from the filling to the sauce to the bubbling melted cheese. Rise above your fear! Enchiladas are surprisingly easy to make--even a cooking newbie can pull off this Mexican meal.

Taco Salad: Make the Takeout

The idea of eating the "bowl" your taco salad comes in is half the fun of ordering one at your favorite Mexican joint. Those curvy crisp tortillas cradling spicy meat, along with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and a sprinkling of cheese are great one-dish meals, where, yes, the dish is edible. But even though they might have salad as part of their name, the taco salad you eat at the cantina or pick up to go often has a deep-fried shell and is loaded with fat (in the form of huge blobs of sour cream and beans refried in lard.

8 Thanksgiving Side Dishes Every Table Needs

Just as every Hollywood superstar needs a supporting cast to really shine, turkey needs side dishes for the Thanksgiving meal to be complete. Some might argue that Thanksgiving isn't even Thanksgiving without the sides! We've got eight Thanksgiving side-dish recipes that every holiday table must have--tried-and-true traditional recipes that aim to please.

3 Things to Make With...Kielbasa

There are a lot of sweet aromas to fill your kitchen come fall, like baked apples and pumpkin bread, but we've got a few savory favorites, too, and at the top of the list is the rich, smoky scent of kielbasa cooking in the skillet. It's no surprise then that this smoked sausage is right at home in any number of comforting recipes that are sure to warm you up on those chilly autumn nights. Since kielbasa freezes wonderfully, it's easy to stock up and have on hand when you're in the mood for a quick but hearty dinner.

How to Cook Pot Roast

Think of pot roast as the ultimate comfort-food chameleon. It starts out as a jumble of meat, veggies and liquid tossed into a pot, but then it converts into a rich, flavorful dish. If you decide to learn how to cook pot roast, you'll be making some culinary magic, turning budget-friendly ingredients into something wonderful with little effort. A pot roast takes longer to cook than a regular roast, but you won't be wasting your time fussing over it.

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