Baked and Roasted Turkey

A cherished holiday tradition, these succulent roast turkey recipes go from classic and simple to fruity and flavorful. Try these roast turkey recipes throughout the year, and prepare your favorite when you gather with family and friends.

Herb-Butter Roasted Turkey

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After taking just one bite of this tender turkey, you'll never use another preparation method besides this one come Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Lemon-Thyme Split-Roasted Turkey

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Herb-Butter Roast Turkey

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Butter, herbs, and garlic rubbed onto the traditional Thanksgiving turkey creates a flavor-saturated show stopper. Serve it with festive trimmings including pears and herbs.

Buttery Cider-Glazed Turkey

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Roasted apples surround this golden brown Thanksgiving turkey, making for an astounding flavor combination.

New England Roast Turkey with Cranberry-Pecan Stuffing

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Why buy prepared stuffing when it's so easy to make your own? This fruit and nut version is splendid when served with the basic turkey recipe.

Orange- and Herb-Roasted Turkey

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This roasted turkey has winter-fresh orange flavor to serve at Thanksgiving of anytime. Serve the bird, surrounded with candied fruits, on a platter.

Roasted Turkey

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Roast Turkey with Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing

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If you want to stick with tradition, this is the turkey for you. Time-tested ingredients--celery, mushrooms, onions, and poultry seasoning--enhance the stuffing beautifully.

Apple-Walnut Sourdough Stuffing

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Turkey stuffing recipes often vary by heritage. Using sourdough bread is an American twist.

Herb-Butter-Roasted Turkey

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Make the simple herb-flavored butter to spread under the turkey skin. During roasting, the spread adds flavor and moistness to the poultry meat.

Spice-Rubbed Turkey with Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

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For a more crusty, blackened-spice look, rub the spice mixture on the outside of the turkey breast.

Marmalade-Glazed Turkey

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A tasty sausage and corn bread stuffing bakes with the turkey in this dinner recipe.

Classic Roast Turkey with Fruit-Chestnut Stuffing

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Cutting an x in chestnuts before roasting them prevents them from bursting in the oven. Use them in a classic turkey stuffing for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Roast Turkey with Sweet Onion Jam

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The sweet-savory jam forms a crust on the turkey as it roasts in this dinner recipe.

Pear-Glazed Roast Turkey

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This turkey needs no stuffing. The glorious pear glaze adds flavor to the drippings and enhances the color of the roasted bird. Serve on Thanksgiving with your favorite chutney.

Turkey Arugula and Goat Cheese Panini


For a modern take on the Thanksgiving leftover sandwich (and one that you can enjoy any day of the year), swap pomegranate molasses for cranberry sauce.

Stuffed Turkey Tenderloins

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Baked and Roasted Turkey  Recipes: Take your pick!
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