Fried Turkey in Peanut Oil

These deep-fried turkey recipes take advantage of the high smoke point and slightly nutty flavor of peanut oil. Try these deep-fried peanut oil recipes the next time you prepare a turkey.

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    Fried Turkey in Peanut Oil Articles
    Make the Takeout: Burgers & Fries
    ... French Fries You need a deep-fryer and peanut oil to create these extra-crispy fries, but they're totally... delicious, smoky flavor unlike their deep-fried counterparts. Turkey Burgers Adding onions and red pepper...Sometimes you just really want a burger and fries. At those times, you have a choice: You can find... read more...
    Best of the Blogs: Fried Chicken
    ...-spicy wing, you can easily omit the hot sauce. Fried Chicken Frying the chicken in peanut oil makes it extra...: fried. It's crispy, it's juicy, it's great hot or cold, and it's absolutely made for summertime dinner.... Whether you're making fried chicken for a picnic, a party, or just to satisfy your own dinner cravings... read more...
    Fig & Olive Helps Oil Lovers Branch Out
    ... and store, which also has locations in New York and California, celebrates the many flavors of olive oil... the buttery, peppery, and fruity flavors grown in different regions. "I consider olive oil like wine," Lorange... says. "The land and the soil give you the flavor." At Fig & Olive, the chef pairs each olive oil with a... read more...
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    Fried Turkey
    by Family Circle
    Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey
    by Better Homes and Gardens
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