Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving dinner, and our recipes give you great ways to show off your bird. Whether you prefer your turkey stuffed with all the traditional trimmings, simply roasted, or spice-rubbed and BBQ'd, we have what you need for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

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Thanksgiving Turkey: Smart Storage

For most people, buying a whole turkey happens only once, maybe twice, a year, and it can seem perplexing how to store the bird until you're ready to cook it. (If it seems big in the shopping cart, somehow it seems huge in your refrigerator!) If your turkey is frozen, plan on 2 to 4 days to defrost the bird in the refrigerator on a tray to catch any drips.

Thanksgiving Turkey: Hooked on Classics

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is really one true star of the show: the turkey. And though it can be fun to play with different cooking methods and ingredients, there's something to be said for playing it straight. After all, guests are looking for a Thanksgiving roast turkey that's beautifully golden brown on the outside, plump and juicy on the inside.

Roast Turkey with Fresh Thyme Rub and Maple Glaze

Betty Crocker

Maple syrup adds sweetness to roast turkey infused with savory fresh thyme.

Total: 4 hrs 35 mins

10 Easy Recipes for Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

You say you're already tired of Thanksgiving turkey recipes? Then, listen up, my friends. Or "read up," if you will. The minute Thanksgiving dinner is over, I want you to push back your chair, waddle to the kitchen, and strip all the meat off the turkey. Thanksgiving leftovers are a necessary challenge. Trying to store Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge when you have to navigate around a looming, poorly wrapped turkey carcass is an unnecessary waste -- a waste of time, space, and turkey. Pull off all the meat (don't forget to turn the bird over!) and send itread more

Thanksgiving Turkey: Know Your Label Lingo

Is there anything that engenders as much anxiety in American cooks as the Thanksgiving turkey? Making a stunning centerpiece to the feast is a lot easier if you start with a quality product. Look for these labels to ensure a tasty bird.

Thanksgiving Trivia Challenge: Turkey Day Traditions

It's almost time for the big feast. We hope you have a list of everything to buy and a count-down plan, from the make-ahead side dishes on down to the Big Bird itself. If there is one American holiday that is more traditional than any other, Thanksgiving must be it.

Roast Turkey with Lemon and Chives

Food & Wine

Grace Parisi blends ingredients into a butter that she rubs all over the turkey. In addition to this one with lemon, other creative ideas are Roast Turkey with Fried Sage and Pecans and Roast Turkey with Pickled Jalapeno-Paprika Gravy.

Total: 4 hrs 30 mins

Herb Roasted Turkey


Baste turkey with herb-seasoned stock during roasting for a moist and delicious bird.

Total: 4 hrs 25 mins

Easy Thanksgiving-Themed Kids Dinner: "Turkey" Chili

The holidays are upon us, and it's time for turkeys, pumpkin pie, hot apple cider, bonfires on chilly nights and being grateful for family and friends. Speaking of chilly nights, here's a simple, hearty meal that will warm up a little one's tummy and bring a smile to his or her face! What You'll Need: chili (turkey chili or not, your choice) cheese (both white cheese and yellow cheese) corn chips To Make "Turkey" Chili: Ladle chili into a bowl. Slice cheese into strips and arrange in bowl for feathers as shown. Cut a head shape and aread more

Thanksgiving Trivia Challenge: Let's Talk Turkey

The Big Day -- Thanksgiving -- is almost here at last. Hope you've gotten all the pumpkin pies baked and checked out our handy checklist of how to handle your Turkey Day schedule. Hey, it's not too late to make a few make-ahead dishes, saving tomorrow for just the turkey and stuffing. We've even got vegetarian sides this year, for friends who can't eat meat at all. But back to the matter at hand: our Thanksgiving Trivia Challenge, this one all about the star attraction -- Tom Turkey (click here for a video on How to Roast a Turkey).read more

Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey: What's the Secret?

The battle has been raging for weeks now -- and we've all been barraged with negative advertising, insistence that only one way is the right way, and the pervasive hope that if we just make the right choice, everything in the country will be perfect. I'm not talking about the election, Skippy. I'm talking about how to cook a turkey. My gosh, every time I turn on the radio, there's another cooking show with some newfangled turkey-cooking method that is supposed to change my life. I'm glaring at you, Mark Bittman. I can barely take chicken thighs out ofread more

Thanksgiving for Kids: Gobble Gobble Turkey

Let's face it: what's Thanksgiving for kids? Trick-or-treating is long over, and Santa's just a glimpse in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Kids might not appreciate all the good food that'll be at your table, but you can still whip up a fun turkey that they (and maybe some adults) will enjoy!

Roast Turkey with Fried Sage and Pecans

Food & Wine

Grace Parisi blends ingredients into a butter that she rubs all over the turkey. In addition to this one with sage, other creative ideas are Roast Turkey with Lemon and Chives and Roast Turkey with Pickled Jalapeno-Paprika Gravy.

Total: 4 hrs 30 mins

Roast Turkey Breast

Family Circle

Every day is a special occasion when you serve this roast turkey seasoned with lemon and Italian spices. Homemade gravy adds a special touch to this dinner recipe.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sides -- to Make the Turkey Blush!

Thanksgiving is a time when vegetarians may get homesick for their old ways. When a holiday revolves around one meal, and that meal revolves around something you can't eat, you can be forgiven for becoming a little melancholy. And a drab little slice of Tofurky isn't the answer.

Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving: Give It a Fab Flavor Makeover!

So you checked out our tip sheet on buying the right turkey, and now you've hauled home this big hunk of a bird from the grocery store. One question remains: what're you going to do with it? True, no one's going to fault you for taking the classic approach: season it with a little salt and pepper, brush it with oil (so you get that picture-perfect golden hue), then let it roast. The turkey may be the focal point of the Thanksgiving table, but it's got a whole supporting cast of flavorful sides. Because really, what's theread more

Buying the Right Thanksgiving Turkey: 8 Thing You Didn't Know

When I was a kid, it seemed the only considerations my mom had to make when it came to buying our Thanksgiving turkey were the size of the bird and whether to buy fresh or frozen. These days, there are a whole list of bonus options, from pasture-raised to brined to self-basting. It's enough to stymie even the most confident of cooks. But have no fear! We've come up with a quick-and-easy turkey cheat-sheet. Designed to help you pick just the right bird for your feast, this list takes all the guesswork out of turkey shopping -- leavingread more

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