Often confused with sweet potatoes, yams have a rougher skin and a slightly starchier taste. Dress yams up for Thanksgiving with these tasty side dish recipes -- from classic candied yams to colorful casseroles, we have plenty of Thanksgiving yam sides.

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How to Make Yams

If you find yourself searching for recipes on how to make yams, it's a good thing to know that in the United States yams and sweet potatoes are actually the same vegetable. They are both a variety of sweet potato, though yams are deeper orange in color. So you can feel free to substitute sweet potatoes for yams in your recipes, since they are quite similar.

How to Make Candied Yams

Once your friends and family taste this easy, from-scratch, candied yam recipe, they'll be asking how to make candied yams as delicious as yours. With less sugar and butter than most standard preparations, this recipe lets the natural sweetness of the yams take center stage. You won't have to feel the least bit of guilt if you can't resist a second helping.

Thanksgiving Countdown: Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes

A question about the Thanksgiving menu: Are there any nutritional differences between the regular orange sweet potatoes and the new "white" sweet potatoes? And what's the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? First off, yams and sweet potatoes are from completely unrelated botanical families -- and there are big nutritional differences. Sweet potatoes, from the morning glory family, are notably high in beta-carotene. Yams, which are related to lilies, are low in beta-carotene but higher in vitamin C. That said, virtually anything you see labeled as a yam in a U.S. grocery store is, in fact, a sweet potato.read more

Praline Sweet Potatoes

Midwest Living

This sweet potato casserole has a sugared pecan topper, making it an ideal side dish for a special dinner.

Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Family Circle

Although this side-dish recipe is a must-have for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can enjoy it throughout the winter months when sweet potatoes are most available.

Florence Mama's Candied Yams

Better Homes and Gardens

How to Make Sweet Potato Casserole

Just because something is sweet doesn't mean it can't be good for you: Learn how to make sweet potato casserole and fill your body with loads of vitamin A and fiber.

How To Coupon: December Deals!

We are smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, and both grocery stores and food makers know exactly what we're looking for. December sales cycles are full of all the items you need for baking festive treats and making your signature dishes for entertaining. Here you go... Ingredients for baked goods remain on sale this month. Stock up on flour, sugar, butter, cream, baked good mixes, pie crusts, marshmallows, condensed milk and whipped cream. Save big on everything you need for your holiday feast! Fixings on sale include gravy mix, instant potatoes, frozen rolls andread more

Apocalypse Chow: Quick, Comforting Recipes for the End of the World

Rumor has it that the world is supposed to end, like, any minute now. How? We're still not sure. Something about the end of the Mayan calendar, the planets aligning, massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ... there may or may not be a rogue "dark planet" barreling straight for the Earth. Or maybe that's all just the movie 2012, which we hardly remember. In any case, all this talk of doomsday got us thinking: you hardly ever see anyone eating in disaster movies. People screaming in the streets, yes. Maybe a chaotic scene of bedlam at a groceryread more

The Lazy Hostess's Guide to an Easy-Breezy Thanksgiving

Longtime readers may recall the story of my first Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, but I'll share it again anyway. I remember walking past an end-cap display at the Key Foods on 7th Avenue in Brooklyn, then backing up to take a closer look: Cans of pumpkin pie filling. Packages of graham-cracker crust. Could it really be this easy? That year, I hopped off the bus in New Jersey triumphantly holding my addition to the family table: a pie. A homemade pie! I've come a long way, baby -- but not that long. Yes, I've gotten really good (ifread more

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