Brussels Sprouts

Glazed, braised, roasted, or even caramelized, Brussels sprouts take on a whole new light with these delicious side dish recipes to complement your Thanksgiving menu. Add nuts for crunch, mix them with other veggies, or show Brussels sprouts off by themselves for a delightful Thanksgiving side dish.

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    Brussels Sprouts Articles
    Brussels Sprouts -- Easy Thanksgiving, One Recipe at a Time
    ...Cute little Brussels sprouts look like miniature cabbages, taste great, and are packed full... of Vitamin C. What's not to like? If you've only eaten overcooked, boiled Brussels sprouts, you might... up without going to a lot of trouble. If you or your family are not Brussels sprout fans yet, here... read more...
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    Creamy Brussels Sprouts
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Oranges
    by Better Homes and Gardens
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