Thanksgiving Side Dishes

While it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a golden brown turkey anchoring the table, a good argument can be made that it's really the side dish recipes that steal the show at this holiday feast. The sheer variety of indulgence is stunning, from buttery mashed potatoes to sweet corn casseroles, sage-scented stuffing, and marshmallow-studded yams. Can you imagine the feast without roasted squash and green bean casserole? And it's practically a crime to not include a sweet-tart cranberry sauce at the table - it's gorgeous ruby color and touch of tart flavor helps to offset the richness of all the other players. This Thanksgiving, play around with your favorites. While everyone loves the classics, adding new twists on old favorites can help keep the meal feeling fresh and modern.

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8 Thanksgiving Side Dishes Every Table Needs

Just as every Hollywood superstar needs a supporting cast to really shine, turkey needs side dishes for the Thanksgiving meal to be complete. Some might argue that Thanksgiving isn't even Thanksgiving without the sides! We've got eight Thanksgiving side-dish recipes that every holiday table must have--tried-and-true traditional recipes that aim to please.

Festive and Easy Easter Side Dishes

Easter dinner lets you mix things up, unlike at Thanksgiving, when there's the turkey and a list of must-have sides. Sure, many families love ham, but other main courses make appearances; everything from lamb to brisket can be found on American Easter tables. Side dishes are just as varied--some theme their dinners around the notion of springtime flavors like asparagus and minted peas, while others are just as happy to showcase heartier dishes like cheesy, creamy potatoes au gratin or a velvety sweet-potato puree.

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Sideshow: 8 Super (Super-Easy) Vegetable Side Dishes

We all know that we could stand to eat more vegetables -- but let's face it, vegetable side dishes can be a pain in the you-know-what. Don't get us wrong: the idea of that tidy, pretty pile of veggies balancing out the plate is nice and all, but like spotless kitchen floors and wrinkle-free beds, not necessarily realistic. On busy weeknights, it's all we can do to get the main course on the table, let alone fish out another recipe that takes half an hour or more to make.

MyPlate Meals: 7 Powerhouse Nutrition-Packed Side Dishes

Healthy side dishes are the most important part of a meal.

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What were we thinking of as kids, refusing to eat our vegetables? Whereas once our parents had to resort to an arsenal of tactics just to get us to take a bite, by turns cajoling, imploring and vacillating between reward (the promise of dessert!) and threat (go to your room!)

Thanksgiving Dishes We Want to Eat: Best of the Blogs

As the countdown to Thanksgiving day begins and holiday menus need to be planned, editors start cruising the web for recipe ideas, just like everyone else. Sure, there are some dishes you have to make or you'll suffer the wrath of certain family members, but there are some places where you can safely mix it up without causing too much of a ruckus. The best place to seek advice and ideas is our home cooks and their cooking blogs.

Cranberry-Onion Relish

Ladies' Home Journal

This homemade relish, made with fresh cranberries and pearl onions, tastes great with both turkey and ham.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Liven Up Your Turkey Stuffing

Thanksgiving stuffing was never one of my favorite dishes on the holiday table. Until now. New flavors and textures have made a rather bland side dish much more exciting and healthy.

20 Great Thanksgiving Sides for Easier Holiday Cooking

Everyone says that Thanksgiving side dishes are the best part of the holiday meal, and everyone is right. For one thing, the sides usually way outnumber the turkey. One turkey, six side dishes--how can a lone bird even begin to compete?

Cider-Maple Brussels Sprouts

Better Homes and Gardens

Making this autumn side dish couldn't be easier just toss the Brussels sprouts in your slow cooker and top with cider, maple syrup, thyme, and onion.

Mashed Potatoes

Better Homes and Gardens

Give a favorite side dish new flavor with one of four options: garlic, pesto, sour cream and chive, or cheesy chipotle. It's an easy recipe to master.

Fresh Cranberry-Fig Relish

Better Homes and Gardens

You'll be done in 10 minutes when you use this no-cook recipe and a food processor. Save leftover relish for turkey sandwiches.

Homemade Turkey Stuffing

The Food Channel

This is a traditional and very indulgent stuffing. Roasted turkey stock, plenty of real butter and fresh herbs give it a natural flavor and the combination of different breads gives it subtly complex flavor and textures.

Skinny Mashed Potatoes

Swanson Broth & Stock

The trick to making these potatoes "skinny" is replacing the butter and cream with chicken broth. Try'll find you won't miss the fat because they're full of so much flavor.

Total: 25 mins
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