Sweet Potato Pie

This Thanksgiving try sweet potato pie for a tasty, somewhat lighter dessert alternative to standard pumpkin. Our sweet potato pie recipes get all dressed up for the Thanksgiving dessert table with hazelnut streusel toppings, pecans, orange peel, and other yummy ingredients.

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Sweet Potato Pie


What makes this sweet potato pie richer and more flavorful than the rest is a "secret" ingredient...a can of tomato soup. You won't believe the difference this one ingredients makes.

Total: 4 hrs 15 mins

Cornmeal Sweet Potato Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

Sweet potatoes replace pumpkin in this Southern sweetened vegetable pie recipe, an adaptation of sweet potato pies popular for decades. The cornmeal pastry and struessel topping can be made up to 3 days before assembling the pie.

Sweet Potato Pie: Nothing Quite So Fine

Pumpkin pie may be the most talked-about Thanksgiving dessert, but for many of us, the holiday isn't complete without a sweet potato pie on the table. Like pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie is a tart-style pie (no upper crust), and its filling is creamy and sweet with just the right dash of spice. While it's most popular in the South, sweet potato pie is enjoyed on holiday tables nationwide.

How to Make Sweet Potato Pie

You know fall is in the air when sweet potato pies start appearing on dinner tables. Serve this with some ice cream and you will have a perfect autumn treat.

How to Make Sweet Potato Pie

If you want to know how to make sweet-potato pie as silky smooth and buttery rich as what comes out of a Southern cook's kitchen, this is the recipe for you. Evaporated milk gives it a velvety texture, and a hint of lemon and dash of nutmeg keep the pie from becoming cloyingly sweet.

Our Best Sweet Potato Pie Recipes

Get the best sweet potato pie recipes on the web. Any of these traditional holiday pie recipes in this unique recipe collection are sure to make your family cheer with delight.

Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie

Family Circle

Cut the stress of holiday baking by whipping up a semi-homemade Sweet Potato Pie. No need to fuss with the finicky pastry rolling and cutting!

Spiked Sweet Potato Pie


Traditional Sweet Potato Pie with a kick!

Total: 1 hr

Candied Sweet Potato Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

The Food Channel

Silky-rich sweet potato pie topped with a layer of golden caramelized pecan pie, this authentic Southern pie offers a standout dessert for the holidays. Wonderful topped with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream. This dessert is surely destined to be a holiday tradition.

Total: 2 hrs 15 mins

Sweet Potato Pie with Hazelnut Streusel Topping

Better Homes and Gardens

This Southern-style sweet potato pie recipe has tender cornmeal pastry and crunchy-sweet streusel topping. The pastry and topping can be made up to 3 days before assembling the pie.

Purple Sweet Potato Pie with Fireball Whipped Cream

Add spirit and color to your holiday celebration by serving this vibrant, unique twist on sweet potato pie for dessert!

Quick and Light Dessert: Sweet Potato Pie Cheesecake Cupcakes

Try this super simple cheesecake recipe the next time you want a light, yet decadent dessert. We won't tell that there's sweet potato inside if you won't!

Sweet Potato Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

This traditional recipe is a scrumptious dessert perfect any time of the year.

Sweet-Potato Pie with Spice Crust

Ladies' Home Journal

Cinnamon and nutmeg are in the crust and the filling for this favorite Southern pie.

Sweet Potato and Hazelnut Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

This sweet pie is topped with a generous handful of crunchy toasted hazelnuts, but you can use pecans or almonds instead.

Sweet Potato Pie

Midwest Living

The surprise ingredient, instant vanilla pudding, helps form the filling for this spiced pie.

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