Mince Pie

Once a standard in jolly old England, today's mincemeat is usually a mixture of preserves, dried fruits, and fat or shortening, and now mince pie is a mainstay among classic Thanksgiving desserts. Our mince pie recipes combine mincemeat with pears and other fresh fruits for delicious desserts that feel just right for Thanksgiving.

See Popular Mince Pie Recipes

Mince-Pear Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

Make this holiday fruit pie quicker and easier by using a premade pie shell instead of one from scratch.

Apple Mincemeat Pie

Family Circle

This old-fashioned pie is a Christmas tradition in many families. Look for jars of mincemeat with the pie fillings during the holiday baking season.

No Mincing Words: We Love Mincemeat Pie

Mincemeat is one of those words you hear tossed around a lot during the holidays, but it seems like few cooks know what it is. First of all, here's what it's not (at least not anymore): chopped meat. The name is confusing, but trust us--though mincemeat was originally developed as a way to preserve meat, most modern mincemeats don't contain meat at all.

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