Thanksgiving Breads

Any of our bread recipes would be a lovely addition to the Thanksgiving table, from dinner rolls to rustic loaves. Holiday meals are worth the effort of homemade bread - store-bought is no comparison!

Pine Nut-Parsley Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Pine nuts and parsley make a showy spiral in these easy yeast rolls.

Whole-Wheat Rolls

Family Circle

Homemade bread gives the final touch to any dinner, and these yummy whole-wheat yeast rolls are no exception. Flax seeds give this recipe a nutritional boost.

Cheese Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

A slightly sweeted dough is rolled around a chedder and onion filling, then baked until golden brown for these rolls.

Rosemary and Swiss Buns

Better Homes and Gardens

Dress up hot roll mix with cheese, onions, and herbs for these quick-fix buns.

Dillseed Buns

Better Homes and Gardens

These rolls come together twice as fast as traditional rolls because they need only one short rising thanks to the fast-rise yeast.

Dill Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

These easy batter bread rolls bake to a golden color with crisp crust.

Pull Apart Cornmeal Dinner Rolls

Midwest Living

Cornmeal adds a pleasant crunch and golden color to these rich, buttery yeast rolls.

Parmesan Cheese Biscuit Crescents

Better Homes and Gardens

Bake these flaky rolls after removing a roast or casserole from the oven. Increase your oven temperature to 425 degrees to bake them.

Herb Crescents


Parmesan cheese and herbs added to refrigerated crescent rolls makes an easy side recipe for casseroles, soups, or salads.

Egg Dinner Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

A basket of these egg-rich rolls shaped into pretty rosettes is perfect on any holiday or special occasion dinner table.

Baby Dinner Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Baked in mini-muffin cups, this yeast roll recipe makes a lot--perfect for a potluck.

Herb Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Fresh sage and thyme jazz up the flavor and appearance of refrigerated dinner rolls. This simple recipe provides delicious beauties in a hurry.

Cheddar-Corn Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Mustard and buttermilk give these out-of-the-ordinary rolls a slight tang that makes them good with a turkey or ham dinner or a soup supper.

Spiral Cheese Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

These rolls, sweet from honey-nut cream cheese and savory from thyme, pair well with soups and salads.

Best-Ever Rolls

Midwest Living

Warm and golden from the oven, these classic dinner rolls go with any main dish, soup or stew.

Cloverleaf Rye Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Since rye flour is heavier than all-purpose flour, these rolls are a little denser than classic cloverleaf rolls. But you'll love the hearty rye flavor.

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