Thanksgiving Appetizers and Snacks

Everyone arrives at the Thanksgiving festivities hungry, and there's often a lag time before the golden brown turkey emerges from the oven. The solution? Thanksgiving appetizer recipes, of course. In addition to the old holiday standbys - mixed nuts, cheese balls - it's nice to have a selection of quick-and-easy finger foods at the ready to keep the crowd from mutiny while they wait for the main event. Try a "healthified" spinach dip to keep things light, or opt for petite three-tomato tarts. The key here is to offer guest just enough - you want everyone to be plenty hungry when it's time to gather 'round for the main event.

Bear-Y Good Snack Mix

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This kid-friendly mix with dried cherries, raisins, and candy-coated milk chocolate pieces is an easy snack to put together.

Total: 5 mins

Sweet and Nutty Popcorn

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A lightly spiced sugar syrup binds this snack mix. This appetizer or snack mix is lighter tasting and easier to make than caramel corn.

Fruited Pumpkin Loaf

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Serve this apricot-filled pumpkin bread for breakfast during the Thanksgiving weekend, or present it to your hosts as a gift. You don't have to tell anyone that it starts with a bread mix.

Asiago Wafers

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Asiago--nutty-tasting Italian cheese--happily pairs with fresh rosemary in this thin cracker recipe. Bake these wafers just before your guests arrive to welcome them with the enticing aroma.

Savory Holiday Fritters

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Savory fritters, filled with walnuts, Parmesan cheese, and rosemary, make for an appetizer that guests will remember.

Sweet Potato Patties


This recipe calls for small appetizer or snack-sized portions, but feel free to make larger patties as a meat-free burger swap.

Haystack Snacks

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Peanut-butter pieces make a tasty treat. This snack is filled with cornflakes and raisins. providing a crunchy and chewy combination.

Total: 15 mins

Gobble Good

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Here's a fun and quick turkey snack that kids can assemble as they eagerly await Thanksgiving dinner.

Herb-Baked Olives

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Make these rosemary-marinated olive appetizers up to 1 week in advance of your Thanksgiving gathering.

Wasabi Party Mix

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Quickly toss these easy ingredients together for a fast snack mix or appetizer.

Puff Pastry Tart with Roasted Veggies


Roast vegetables before adding them to the puff pastry to ensure the crust stays nice and crispy.

Chocolate-Crusted Chocolate Tarts

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Double the chocolate in this tart recipe. Chocolate crust and chocolate filling make this easy dessert rich with flavor. Work carefully to get an even layer of crust in the muffin tins.

Cumin-Caraway Rounds

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These quick-to-make crispy appetizer crackers, with dough made in a food processor, have caraway seeds. They're similar to rye bread--but with a crunch!

Ginger-Date Pumpkin Loaves

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Pumpkin bread is a fall favorite. This variation, with ginger and dates, is drizzled with a spiced glaze.

Blue Cheese and Walnut Bites

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Cran-Walnut Kettle Corn

Diabetic Living

Make this simple snack recipe your own by mixing in any dried fruit and nut combination.

Apple Pie Pretzels


Ideal for a sweet snack or dessert, these apple-cinnamon soft pretzels are a fun kitchen project for kids to help with.

Thanksgiving Appetizers and Snacks  Recipes: Take your pick!
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