Crockpot Stuffing

With these easy Crock Pot stuffing recipes, you'll turn on the slow cooker in the morning and by dinnertime have moist, delicious stuffing to serve with chicken, peppers, cabbage, and more.

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Chicken with Sourdough-Mushroom Stuffing

Better Homes and Gardens

Dress up chicken and stuffing with big chunks of sourdough bread and mushrooms. Finish off this slow cooked main dish with fresh gremolata. The lemon-peel, parsley, and chopped-walnut topping give it a fantastic citrusy flavor.

Raisin-Herb Seasoned Stuffing

Better Homes and Gardens

Put your slow cooker on stuffing duty for this hearty side this that includes fruit (raisins) and vegetables (onions and mushrooms).

Chicken with Mushroom Stuffing

Better Homes and Gardens

Chicken and stuffing are always a popular dinner duo. Slow cooking makes this meal convenient to make, but the presentation is sophisticated.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Stuffing

Tyson® Grilled & Ready® Chicken
Total: 3 hrs 50 mins

Lemon Chicken with Stuffing

Diabetic Living

Make chicken and stuffing in the slow cooker for this easy, one-pot recipe. When it's done, top it with a mix of fresh lemon peel, parsley, and walnuts.

Chicken with Sourdough Stuffing

Diabetic Living

Don't wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to serve this popular combo recipe. For the stuffing, be sure to use a hard-crusted, dense sourdough loaf. A lighter bread may not give the best texture.

Turkey Soup's On: Leftover Logic

Of course everyone likes leftover Thanksgiving food, but at a certain point we're all ready to move on from stuffing-and-turkey sandwiches. And let's get real--after days of prepping for the big feast, no one is particularly interested in whipping up something complex. That's why turkey soup is such a great option.

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