Chuck Steak

A family favorite because of its versatility, chuck steak gives a rich flavor to these recipes. Whether it's baked, grilled, or broiled, you can go from sandwiches and casseroles to pot roast and stew with chuck steak.

Beer-Braised Beef with Potatoes and Cabbage

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We'll let you decide what you do with the extra four ounces of beer that are leftover after pouring a cup into this braised beef recipe.

Crockery Cooker Pot Roast


Canned soup and your choice of herb make a flavorful sauce for the meat and vegetables in a traditional-style pot roast.

Beef Daube

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Daube is a French recipe with must have ingredients like beef, vegetables, and wine--all cooked slowly in the oven. This version uses boneless beef chuck steak, potatoes, mushrooms, pearl onions, and sherry.

Pasta and Meat Sauce

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Indonesian Beef Curry

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Italian-Style Steak, Mushrooms and Onions

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Spoon peppers, onions, and mushrooms sauteed in a savory red wine vinegar sauce over a grilled chuck steak, then prepare to say "ciao" to your new favorite Italian dinner recipe.

Texas Beef and Beans

Diabetic Living

Grilled Flat Iron Steaks with Chimichurri

Better Homes and Gardens

For supreme succulence, cook the steaks to medium-rare doneness (145 degrees).

Smoky Beef & Hominy Stew

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Piquant Pot Roast

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Carb Choices: 0 One teaspoon of horseradish gives this succulent pot roast just a hint of zesty flavor. But for more zing, use the full amount.

Fall Vegetable Fajitas

Midwest Living

Slice tough cuts of steak super-thin prior to grilling for the most tender beef you've ever tasted.

Sweet and Savory Stew

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Polenta Beef Stew

Diabetic Living

A rich-flavor wine sauce coats seasoned beef chuck steak and vegetables in this hearty main dish recipe.

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