Baked Steak

If you don't have time to fire up the grill, these baked steak recipes provide fuss-free cooking at its best. Select from sweet, spicy, rich, and savory dishes for a baked steak recipe that's easy-to-prepare from start to finish.

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Simply Dressed® Bachelor Salad

Marzetti Simply Dressed

Succulent beef tenderloin, crisp iceberg lettuce, creamy Simply Dressed® Blue Cheese Salad Dressing and other savory ingredients make up a meal that satisfies even the biggest appetites.

Total: 20 mins

Steaks in Brandy-Cream Sauce

Midwest Living

This beef is so tender you almost can cut it with a fork. Smother it in the mushroom-cream sauce and serve it for a dinner party with special friends.

Skillet Steak with Mushrooms and Onion

Ladies' Home Journal

Love teriyaki steak? Then try this tasty top sirloin recipe made with sherry, sweet onion, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, and ginger.

Chili-Rubbed Bone-In Strip Steaks

Better Homes and Gardens

Warm, rich spices, lemony tomatillos, and sweet peppers make an already sensational cut of beef into a southwestern extravaganza. Choose tomatillos with firm flesh and dry papery husks.

French Dip Sandwich

Family Circle

Steak au Poivre with Cognac Sauce

Fine Cooking Magazine

If you want to dress things up, try an intense, exotic variety of black pepper like Malabar. Serve with a green salad and french fries or roasted potatoes.

How to Cook a New York Strip Steak

If you're in the mood for a cut of meat that's got character, you'll want to know how to cook a New York strip steak. New York strips are tender and juicy, with just the right amount of toughness. They're choice cuts for grilling and pair well with baked potatoes, iceberg wedge salads and other steakhouse favorites.

How to Cook a Ribeye Steak

While people have different preferences when it comes to which cut of steak is best and why, rib-eyes are a favorite because their marbled texture helps keep them juicy and tender. There are a number of options for how to cook a rib-eye steak, but you can't go wrong with this pan-seared version with a red wine sauce. Shallots and fresh thyme enhance the flavors and aroma of these savory thick and juicy steaks.

Sunday Supper: Healthy Strip Steaks with Pebre Sauce & Avocado

All to often, we fall into the trap of thinking that "healthy" has to equate to flavorless and boring, but which sounds better to you: a traditional "steak dinner" (slab of meat, baked potato slathered in sour cream, salad of iceberg lettuce drowning in ranch dressing) or a surprisingly healthy steak dinner inspired by South American and Latin American cuisine, with tender strips of spice-rubbed steak accompanied by a fresh, feisty salsa-style sauce and creamy avocado (not to mention grilled corn on the cob and a gorgeous, piquant side of yellow summer squash)? This week, spice up your family's Sunday Supper with some south-of-the-border flair. Can steak really be healthy?

MyPlate Meal: Healthy, Hearty Beef Stew--Perfect for Fall!

Ask my dad at any meal what he'd like to eat, and the answer is invariably "steak and a baked potato." Obviously he doesn't eat this as often as he'd like (not even close), but he's not alone in craving this classic combo. To many, meat and potatoes is the quintessential American meal, and when we say meat and potatoes, we're using thinking about beef and white potatoes.

How to Cook Ribeye

If you're looking for a mouthwatering meal to satisfy steak-lovers, grilling is a perfect method for how to cook rib eyes. The marbled texture of these steaks makes them tender and juicy favorites. Season them with a flavorful blend of spices and herbs and serve them up with your favorite sides, and you'll have an extraordinary meal you won't soon forget.

How to Saute Mushrooms

Want an elegant mushroom appetizer without the fuss of hand-stuffing mushroom caps? Learn how to saute mushrooms for a simple yet flavorful dish; they're delicious on their own or served on top of crostini. You can use a mixture of mushroom types -- such as shiitake, oyster, or maitake -- to maximize on earthy flavor, but the beauty of sauteing mushrooms is that even white button mushrooms end up golden brown and delicious. The trick to sauteing mushrooms is keeping the heat at medium-high or high: Mushrooms contain a high percentage of water, and high heat helps evaporate the liquid the mushrooms exude during cooking and allows them to brown; use low heat, and the mushrooms will wind up gray and soggy.

How to Cook Mushrooms

Why would anyone need advice on how to cook mushrooms? It's simple; you just slice them, put them in a pan and cook. Easy, right? Well, it is easy to cook mushrooms, but as with any other food, the smallest details can make or break the dish.

Steak Night!: Make the Takeout

Thinking of popping by your favorite steakhouse for a a steak dinner to go? Fugeddaboutit! Whether you keep your grill fired up all year long, or prefer to stay warm and cozy in the kitchen and cook the meat under the broiler, a steak dinner is one of the easiest to prepare (about 15 minutes of cooking time). Plus, steak isn't cheap, and restaurant prices will cost you double or triple what it will cost you to cook it at home.

Easy Baked Potatoes with All the Trimmings

Like the best actors, baked potatoes are versatile enough to fill almost any role, at mealtime, that is. They make a great main dish or side, they taste terrific with nothing but butter toppings such as sour cream and chives, and -- last but not least -- they satisfy both vegetarian and meat-lover (although skip the bacon bits in the former case). We like to let baked potatoes star at the centerpiece of a meal.

Make-Ahead Dinner: Twice-Baked Pesto Potatoes

Try these creamy and comforting twice baked potatoes for dinner tonight. Bonus: They reheat beautifully so you can make then ahead of time!

10 Oven-Fried Recipes with Less than 300 Calories

Au revoir, oil vats. These oven-fried breakfast, appetizer, snack and dinner recipes will show you that baked and breaded is best.

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