Brazilian Desserts

The Brazilian dessert menu is as big as South America's country of Brazil, stocked with delicious bolos (cakes) as well as truffles, pies, puddings, and tropical fruit mixtures. Don't miss doce de leite, the Brazilian version of dulce de leche.

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    Brazilian Desserts Articles
    Brazilian Seafood Soup: A Welcoming Meal for Friends
    ..., the dish that says this most eloquently is a bountiful seafood soup! Brazilian seafood soup from Daniel..., even better than the soup itself! Get the Brazilian Seafood Soup recipe here!... read more...
    Wow, Trifles! Christmas's (Surprisingly Easy) Blockbuster Dessert
    ... dessert: for all their blockbuster appearance, trifles aren't really that hard to make. From their origins... vanilla cream and plenty of sweet, slightly tipsy (i.e., rum-soaked) fruit for a festive dessert... read more...
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