Vegetable Soup

While the ingredients vary widely, homemade vegetable soup is as easy as it flavorful. From beef vegetable soup to chicken vegetable soup to strictly vegetarian versions, these vegetable soup recipes are top on the list of good-for-you greats.

How to Make Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a hearty and comforting way to help work in some of those recommended "five a day" servings of fruits and vegetables. It's light, delicious and a flavorful blend of the season's best harvest. Although the end result is a simmering pot of complex flavors, the process for how to make vegetable soup is surprisingly quick and simple.

Cream of Baked Squash and Garlic Soup

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Velvety cream soups made with winter squash are delicious starters for autumn and winter meals. This one is flavored with garlic and maple syrup.

Minestrone with Shrimp, Garbanzo Beans, and Autumn Squash

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Squash and beans make this seafood soup hearty enough for dinner.

Make-Ahead Minestrone

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Serve this meatless soup immediately or refrigerate and reheat to serve the next day, allowing flavors to blend and intensify. Serve it with dense-texture Italian bread.

Mexican Minestrone

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This meatless, slow cooker soup is full of flavor. Serve with warmed, tortillas or tortilla chips.

Mushroom Soup

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The secret to creating a velvety mushroom bisque without the cream? Blending in a bit of rice right before serving. Swap in vegetable broth for the chicken broth to make this soup vegetarian.

Italian Country Bread Soup

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This low-calorie side dish soup recipe is ready to eat in just 30 minutes.

Lower-Sodium Minestrone

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This soup has fewer than 350 milligrams of sodium per serving, which fits well into a heart-healthy diets.

Cup-of-Garden Soup

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Roasted Red Pepper Soup

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Roasted red, yellow, and serrano peppers, plus garlic, flavor this first-course soup.

Red Pepper Soup

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Swirl a spoonful of lemon-flavor sour cream into each bowl of this rich and creamy anise-flavor soup. To complete the first course, serve crispy breadsticks.

Total: 30 mins

Italian Spinach Soup

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Each bowl of this brothy soup holds a healthful portion of greens. Enjoy coming home to this hearty soup recipe.

Total: 35 mins

Beet Soup

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This vegetable soup recipe gets extra "wow" by preparing the beets three ways--pureed for smoothness, chopped for a chunky contrast, and roasted for an extra earthy flavor.

Thai Butternut Squash Soup

Family Circle

Spicy, warm, and delicious, this butternut squash soup recipe includes a Thai twist with the added flavors of curry and coconut milk.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup


This pepper, tomato, and basil soup makes a good side dish for sandwiches at lunch or dinner.

Farmer's Market Vegetable Soup

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Root vegetables simmer in the slow cooker, giving way to a healthy vegetable soup for dinner tonight.

Tomato-Cucumber Soup

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This cool and creamy vegetable soup is a refreshing side dish for grilled meats.

Total: 25 mins
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