Crockpot Soups

Crockpot soup offers two advantages: minimal cleanup and unattended simmering. From crockpot chicken to crockpot vegetable to crockpot potato soup, these easy crockpot soup recipes are low-maintenance but have highest taste ratings.

See Popular Crockpot Soups Recipes

Slow Cooker Ham and Wild Rice Soup

Betty Crocker

With 10 minutes in the morning, you can have a comforting soup simmering in the slow cooker. Dinner's ready when you get home!

Total: 9 hrs 25 mins

Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

Betty Crocker

Ham shanks add rich, salty flavor to a slow-cooker soup loaded with lentils and vegetables.

Total: 9 hrs 15 mins

Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

Betty Crocker

The classic pairing of mild split peas and rich ham come together in a delicious slow-cooker version.

Total: 10 hrs 15 mins

Slow Cooker Italian Chicken-Pasta Soup

Betty Crocker

A hearty soup featuring chicken and vegetables simmers in the slow cooker while you're away. Just stir in the pasta when you get home!

Total: 10 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Sausage Sauerkraut Soup


Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut make this soup cooked in the slow cooker hearty with a punch of sour.

Total: 6 hrs

Pork Stew with Cornmeal Dumplings

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this hearty pork stew with homemade dumplings. Or save time by serving the sew with ready-to-eat corn muffins.

Slow-Cooked Ratatouille with Penne


You won't miss the meat at all in this fabulous veggie and pasta dish that slow-cooks for hours so that the flavors really develop. You'll see how the zucchini, eggplant and peppers combine to make a mouthwatering pasta topper.

Total: 5 hrs 55 mins

Slow-Simmered Chicken Rice Soup

Swanson Broth & Stock

Crushed red pepper adds some unexpected heat to this mouthwatering soup that slow cooks for hours, ensuring wonderful flavors, enticing aromas and minimal work for the cook.

Total: 7 hrs 25 mins

New England Sweet Potato Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Pork Pho

Family Circle

Ginger-Chicken Noodle Soup

Diabetic Living

Because the chicken thighs don't fall apart while simmering in a slow-cooker, they are ideal in this Asian-style main dish soup.

Beef and Red Bean Chili

Diabetic Living

A slow cooker brings out all the flavors in this easy bean and beef chili recipe.

Tortilla Soup


Garbanzo Bean Stew

Family Circle

Spicy kielbasa sausage lends its robust flavor to this chunky stew. A container of hummus stirred into the slow cooker near the end of cooking provides flavorful thickening.

Southwest Fiesta Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Set the heat level to mild, medium, or hot by adjusting the type of salsa you use. This slow-cooker dinner couldn't be easier to make.

Slow-Cooked Minestrone

Better Homes and Gardens

Try this slow cooker version of the popular tomato-based soup that combines beef, beans, pasta, and vegetables into one slow-simmering main dish.

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