Chicken Chili Soup

Typically made with white beans, chicken chili is perfect football party food. From white chicken chili to chicken bean chili to chicken green chili, these easy recipes score points even with the biggest appetites.

See Popular Chicken Chili Soup Recipes

White Chicken Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

If you're looking for an alternative for your usual tomato-based chili, try this slow cooked version with white beans, chicken broth, jalapeno pepper, and garlic.

Chunky Bean and Chicken Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

If you are looking for a chili recipe without the tomato base, try this hearty soup that calls for cannellini beans, green chiles, and Monterey Jack cheese.

Total: 20 mins

Easy Chicken Chili

Betty Crocker

Canned cream soup gives spicy chicken and bean chili a lovely golden color as well as great flavor.

Total: 40 mins

Chicken Chili with Cilantro Pesto

Family Circle

This comforting chicken chili receives an additional pop of freshness from a dallop of cilantro pesto. Serve with a side of tortilla chips.

White Surprise Chili

Midwest Living

This high-protein main dish looks like navy bean soup but is actually a mild chicken chili.

Chicken & Pinto Bean Chili

Fine Cooking Magazine

New Mexico red chiles are common dried chiles found in many grocery stores. You can also use a couple of chilcostle chiles or tiny cascabels in place of some of the New Mexico red chiles for a more complex flavor. To order chiles by mail, try Coyote Cafe General Store (800-866-4695) or Pendry's Chile Supply (800-533-1870).

Chicken Salsa Chili

Midwest Living

By using canned beans, jarred salsa, and cooked chicken, you can mix together this main-dish chili in minutes. Let it simmer and then serve for a quick dinner.

Cherry Chili

Midwest Living

Red Chicken Chili

Tyson® Grilled & Ready® Chicken
Total: 30 mins

Chicken Chili

Family Circle

For a make-ahead dinner, freeze half of this white bean soup--chockfull of chicken chunks, sweet pepper, and corn--for another meal later.

Chicken Fajita Chili

Diabetic Living

Combine the ingredients in your slow cooker before you head out the door to run errands. Dinner will be ready when you return.

White Chili


This fragrant "white" chili is an unusual, delicious alternative to traditional tomato-based chilis. Serve with lime wedges and a dollop of sour cream or a sprinkling of cheese.

Total: 45 mins

Fix-and-Forget White Chili

Diabetic Living

Thicken this slow-cooker chicken chili by slightly mashing the beans.

How to Freeze Hearty Slow Cooker Chili Soup

Try this make-ahead recipe for savory slow cooker chili. You can freeze it for up to three months for quick, easy, and hearty weekday meals.

Easy Chicken Chili: Dinner for $10

To us, there's really no point in debating the merits of chicken chili versus classic red-bean-and-beef chili: winter is looong, people -- goodness knows there's plenty of opportunity to warm ourselves up with both. And we're going to take advantage! This Easy Chicken Chili is one of those recipes that hovers near the top of our go-to recipe file all season long.

White Chicken Chili: Dinner for $10

We're on a holiday mission here at Dinner for $10. All through the month of December, not only are we giving you cheap dinner recipes (to help you stay within your Christmas budget), we're giving you quick and easy ones as well (because who has time to cook after making all those Christmas cookies?) This White Chicken Chili definitely fits the bill.

Chicken Chili with Black Beans and Corn

By substituting chicken for beef and loading up on beans and fresh vegetables, this chili recipe is healthier than most!

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