Tuna Melt

There are likely hundreds of different versions of the popular tuna melt. Italian provolone, cheddar-olive, and caper are part of this easy seafood recipe collection that includes a tuna melt for any palate.

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Hot Tuna Hoagies

Better Homes and Gardens

This may be a sandwich, but you'll need a knife and fork to eat it. The filling of canned tuna, coleslaw mix, and dressing is easy to stir together.

Total: 15 mins

Tuna Muffin Melt

Better Homes and Gardens

The four ingredients for these open-face sandwiches are probably ready and waiting in your kitchen pantry. If not, keep them on hand for an impromptu lunch.

Tuna-and-Gruyere Panino

Food & Wine

Rob Evans of Duckfat in Portland, ME, gets his specially made bread from the Standard Baking Company, but he also recommends using focaccia and ciabatta.

Total: 30 mins

Oregon Tuna Melts

Food & Wine

Approaching tuna-melt perfection, Tommy Habetz's sandwiches have the ideal tuna-to-cheese ratio. His smart idea: using balsamic vinaigrette in place of mayonnaise.

Total: 25 mins

Tarragon Tuna Melts

Better Homes and Gardens

Start with canned tuna for these warm and tasty sandwiches cooked to a golden brown.

Tuna Melt

Family Circle

Avocado Ranch Tuna Melts

Better Homes and Gardens

A crisp broccoli slaw salad adds crunch to these skinny tuna melt sandwiches. Pair one with a side of fruit for a healthy lunch.

Total: 35 mins

Grilled Tuna and Provolone Sandwiches with Salsa Verde

Fine Cooking Magazine

For this panini-style sandwich, steer clear of tuna packed in water; instead, choose good-quality tuna packed in olive oil.

Total: 30 mins

Tuna Melt


In this updated version of the tuna melt, we go light on the mayo and top it with fresh tomato slices and shredded sharp Cheddar, which allows us to use considerably less cheese while ensuring that there's great cheese flavor in each gooey bite.

Total: 15 mins

Tarragon Tuna Melts: Make the Takeout

If you're like us, you never met a tuna melt you didn't like. There's something about the combo of creamy tuna salad and melted cheese that hits a seriously soul-satisfying spot. Sure, a tuna melt is one of the easiest sandwiches to make.

How to Make Crab Salad

Knowing how to make a crab salad sandwich is what sets apart a gourmand from a run-of-the-mill cook. Anyone can whip up a tuna melt or a ham and cheese sub, but a crab salad is a lunch that is equally suited to a damask tablecloth or a picnic basket.

How to Make Tuna Salad

In the middle of summer, when the mere thought of cooking a hot meal makes you sweat, sandwiches come to the rescue. And of the many sandwich options, tuna salad is one of the top five favorites of all time. Know how to make tuna salad, and you'll have a hot-weather weapon that will win over even the fussiest eater in the family.

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