Crab Soup

The flavor possibilities of crab soup are surprising, including seafood specialties from crab legs to crab roe. From cauliflower chowder, to she-crab soup, and a thicker delicacy in crab bisque, these easy recipes for crab soup are rich and creamy.

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Dilled Crab and Mushroom Chowder

Better Homes and Gardens

Start your holiday meal with style. Serve bowls of this ultra-rich crab, mushroom, and potato chowder.

Total: 30 mins

Crab Chowder

Better Homes and Gardens

This winning chowder features crabmeat, and is made even more enticing with bouquet garni seasoning, which is a mixture of several herbs, and a small amount of cream cheese.

Total: 25 mins

Roasted Corn and Crab Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Corn is baked until golden brown and then added to this low-fat thick and creamy crab soup recipe.

Total: 1 hr

Mini Manhattan Crab Chowders

Family Circle

Surprise guests at your next party by serving little soup shooters!

She-Crab Soup

Ladies' Home Journal

This classic cream soup is a favorite in South Carolina. You'll love the rich flavors in this crabmeat and vegetable meal.

Manhattan Crab Chowder


Manhattan chowder is the red kind, made with disease-fighting lycopene-rich tomatoes. This version substitutes crab for the clams. To make it cook faster, take your time to finely dice the vegetables. We call for convenient canned crushed tomatoes, but you only need 2 cups; store leftover tomatoes in an airtight container for 1 week in the refrigerator or months in the freezer. Then take them out to toss into other soups or sauces--you can't go wrong with adding tomatoes, from a heart-health perspective! All you need is crusty bread or oyster crackers and a tossed salad and you've got dinner.

Total: 40 mins

Cooking with Crab: Delectable Soups, Appetizers and Main Dishes

Feeling crabby? That's a good thing! Try some of our favorite dips, appetizers, and main dishes to enjoy crab at home while it's in season.

Dilled Crab and Mushroom Chowder: 30-Minute Meal

A hearty bowl of seafood chowder makes a soul-satisfying supper. Especially when it's rich with crab meat, potatoes, mushrooms, and fragrant with dill. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare and serve, so it also satisfies your desire to keep things simple.

21 Warm and Comforting Soup Recipes for Chilly Nights

When cold weather hits, nothing makes us feel cozier than a big bowl of soup. Warm up with one of these modern classic soup recipes.

Gazpacho -- Cool Soup for a Hot Day

How many gazpacho recipes are there, for the cool, refreshing Spanish soup that's packed with vegetables and nutrients? As it turns out, quite a few, each one not just delicious but healthy and very low in calories. We start with a classic tomato-based gazpacho, which we're going to call "red".

Get Your Gumbo On!

If you've ever been to New Orleans and ordered up a steaming bowl of dark, rich gumbo, you know the magic of this special stew. The key to its velvety texture and deep color is a carefully made roux, cooked down low and slow. Stop too soon and you'll end up with a pallid, insipid soup--what you're looking for is for the mixture of fat and flour to turn the color of toasted peanut butter.

Watermelon: Why Not Eat it All Day Long?

Think of watermelon as the perfect fruit not just for dessert but for salads, soups, and cocktails as well. And don't take our word for it. Check out "Watermelon All Day Long," from yesterday's New York Times Magazine, which lays out a nifty grid with three recipes each in all the of the four categories listed above.

28 Days of Slow Cooking: Slow Cooker Cioppino

As thoroughly authentic as it sounds, cioppino isn't Italian -- at least, not exactly. The hearty seafood stew in a lively tomato-and-wine base didn't originate in Italy, but in San Francisco. It was, however, a new generation of Italian immigrants (from Genoa, to be exact) who came up with the stew, fishermen who put a twist -- both on the recipe and on the name -- on the classic fish soup from their homeland known as ciuppin.

Presidential Palates: What Did Your Favorite President Like to Eat?

Some choose to judge a president by his record. We prefer to consider the food he ate. America's Test Kitchen host Chris Kimball tells NPR there is much to be learned from the favorite dishes of America's commanders in chief -- and their first ladies, too.

15 Hot Super Bowl Party Dip Recipes--And We Mean HOT!

These delicious Super Bowl dips are sure to make your game day a touchdown!

The Skinny on Low-Fat Avocados: Real Healthy

I've been getting a lot of avocado questions lately about a new product called a SlimCado. (No, not named for a character in an old Western movie.) Have those resourceful farmers actually figured out a way to produce a lower-fat avocado?

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Whether you prefer the leaves dipped in butter, or the hearts in a warm dip or a pasta dish, artichokes are an ideal vegetable for warm spring days.

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