Stuffed Salmon

Stuffed salmon shows your culinary commitment -- and the dish is worth the time you spend preparing it. From crab to spinach to pesto, these easy stuffed-salmon recipes can be on the table in 30 minutes or less.

See Popular Stuffed Salmon Recipes

Herbed Cheese-Stuffed Salmon

Better Homes and Gardens

To prepare this main dish recipe, a pocket is cut all the way through the fish that encases semi-soft garlic and herb cheese.

Fruited Couscous-Stuffed Salmon Roast

Better Homes and Gardens

For a colorful stuffing, choose a red pear and leave the peel on it. From another pear, cut some thin wedges to garnish this stunning salmon.

Grilled Salmon, Every Which Way

Not all fish belongs on the grill, you know. Those wimpy, flaky little white fish so wonderful in other cooking just crumble (literally!) at the touch of an open flame.

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