Lox -- brine-cured cold smoked salmon -- is a popular topping for bagels, pizza, and other possibilities. These easy seafood recipes include instructions for making the perfect lox, as well as for including it in appetizers, dips, and pizza.

See Popular Lox Recipes

Bagel, Lox, and Egg Strata

Better Homes and Gardens

Heart-healthy salmon is featured in this brunch egg casserole.

Savory Brunch Muffin

Better Homes and Gardens

Smoked salmon, eggs and potato chips(!) make these muffins a complete meal in one handy package. Pair with a piece of fruit for a well-balanced breakfast.

3 Gadgets to Satisfy Wacky Food Fetishes

Crave the marshmallows from Lucky Charms? Prefer, a la "Seinfeld's" Elaine, just the tops of muffins? Eschew the chocolate bits of Oreos and go straight for the middles?

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