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Canned Salmon

In a pinch, canned salmon does double duty as an appetizer or seafood main course. From cream cheese-based dips to fish cakes and salads, these easy recipes all start with canned salmon.

Salmon and Vegetable Pies

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These individual spaghetti-crust pies are brimming with chunks of salmon or tuna and lots of crisp vegetables.

Salmon-Pasta Salad

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Gently fold the salmon into the pasta mixture to retain chunks of the fish. Complete this hearty main dish pasta and salmon salad recipe with whole grain rolls or crackers.

Salmon Salad Sandwiches

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This mixture of salmon, bottled ranch dressing, and fresh veggies makes a quick lunch or dinner main dish for a meal in a hurry. It's a great seafood recipe to increase your omega-3 intake.

Total: 20 mins

Salmon Shortcakes

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Make these fun salmon and biscuit sandwiches when you need dinner fast.

Salmon in Phyllo Cups

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Cheddar and cream cheeses blend with salmon and dill weed to fill these crisp pastry appetizers.

Salmon-and-Pasta-Stuffed Tomatoes

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Toss pasta and salmon with a low-fat cucumber-and-yogurt dressing and serve in vine-ripened summer tomatoes for a light but filling summertime salad.

Greens and Grain Salad

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Wheatberries, lentils, beets, spinach, salmon...it would be tough to pack more superfoods into this salad!

Salmon Salad

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Mediterranean Salmon Wrap

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