Lobster Salad

Tucked in a bun or set on a plate, lobster salad is an upscale seafood meal. From lemon-chive to tarragon-shallot, these easy recipes for lobster salad are mouthwateringly simple.

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Lobster Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve these sophisticated lobster sandwiches for alfresco meals and summer celebrations.

Classic Lobster Roll

Family Circle

This tasty sandwich is full of fresh lobster in a tarragon dressing. If you like, skip the bun and serve the lobster salad on lettuce leaves.

Lobster Roll Salad Sandwich

Midwest Living

Pancetta adds a salty flavor to this easy lobster salad. Serve on hearty rolls or bread for lunch or dinner.

Green Goddess Dressing with Seafood Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Omit the seafood to serve this salad as a side dish. Add interest by using a combination of available salad greens--from tender to spicy.

Total: 30 mins

Lobster for Lovers

There aren't many foods that can compare with lobster when it comes to over-the-top luxury. Yes, it's expensive (since it's always in demand, producers can charge what the market will bear). But it's a worthwhile indulgence, especially when you have a romantic dinner in mind (for Valentine's Day or any day).

Homemade Lobster Rolls: A Dinner Vacation at Home

Lobster is a classic and glorious summer tradition. Try this recipe for a quick dinner tonight.

Lobster Rolls: Make the Takeout

Hmm! Lobster rolls, on a bun and brimming with good stuff. Shades of the vacation last year on Cape Cod.

Caviar and Lobster Sandwich Busts the Budget at Wendy's in Japan

The down economy has many people scrambling to stretch all that zucchini in the garden into a week's worth of meals and trying to convince the kids that egg salad most definitely do count as dinner. Or deciding how to get the most bang for your buck from the dollar menu. Well, if you're at Wendy's in Japan, forget that.

Great Seafood Salads -- Summer's Best Outdoor Meal

Seafood can be fancy, like grilled lobster tails, or casual, like popcorn shrimp, but we like it best when it's a little bit of both. That's why we're big fans of seafood salads. They showcase all the delicate flavors of seafood, but they're also easy to prepare, easy to enjoy and easy to transport.

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Grilling was the only solution. Were you also trapped in that 10-day heat wave a couple of weeks ago? The one where you had to change your clothes once an hour?

What's on the Menu at Today's Inaugural Feast?

We're sure the president is excited for his swearing-in ceremony today, but once he takes that oath -- grab your forks and strap on the feed bag -- it's time to eat! Following the 57th presidential inauguration, President Obama and his family -- along with a whole bunch of other folks, including Vice-President Joe Biden, members of the president's cabinet and Congress and Supreme Court justices -- will gather at the Capitol for a big ol' three-course meal. If only all Americans could join in.

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MyPlate Meals: 8 Healthy (Affordable!) Seafood Recipes

In the classic fairytale, Goldilocks was on a quest to find the perfect bowl of porridge. Here in the real world, as we've learned more and more about the health benefits of eating fish, many of us are on a quest to find the perfect seafood: one that's not too expensive, not unhealthy, but just right. This can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

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Hey, those Halloween costumes aren't cheap -- might as well get some return on the investment, right? Most of what's spooky on Halloween may all just be fun and games, but not if you're in the restaurant biz, where the holiday tends to mark a scary slide in sales as families stick around the house or head out trick-or-treating. A number of restaurant chains are trying to lure customers in by offering special deals to customers in costume (or not, a number don't even require that you or your kids show up in full zombie mode).

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