Broiled Fish

Broiled fish is a super-easy seafood meal, but try other fish varieties like catfish for a change. These easy broiled fish recipes call for seasoning or glazing cod, tilapia, snapper, and swordfish.

Malaysian Prawns and Shrimp

Better Homes and Gardens

Half of this rich and zesty sauce serves as a dip alongside the seafood; the other half, laced with a splash of soy sauce, is basted over the prawns when broiling.

Simple Salsa Fish

Better Homes and Gardens

Bottled salsa brings a Mexican touch to this quick and easy broiled fish main dish. Couscous completes the meal.

Total: 15 mins

Sweet 'n' Heat-Glazed Salmon

Better Homes and Gardens

This heart healthy salmon dish is low in calories and sodium. Serve with steamed vegetables for a nutritious dinner.

Orange Roughy with Tarragon Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Enhance the flavor of fish with a refreshing mayonnaise-yogurt sauce.

Broiled Scrod with Lemon Butter

Better Homes and Gardens

Seasoning fish with butter and lemon is one of the simplest and best-tasting preparations for fish. Scrod are young cod. If not available, cod will work just as well.

Salt and Pepper Trout with Caramelized Red Onion Polenta

Better Homes and Gardens

A simple fish dinner becomes a little gourmet when served with flavored polenta.

Salmon Burgers with Basil Mayonnaise

Better Homes and Gardens

Delicious fresh basil flavors both the burger and the mayonnaise topping.

Total: 25 mins

Orange Salmon with Noodles

Better Homes and Gardens

Japanese buckwheat (soba) noodles, found with the Asian foods in grocery stores, add a subtle earthy flavor. Substitute whole wheat noodles if you wish.

Fruit-Sauced Rainbow Trout

Midwest Living

The vinaigrette for this fish dinner has a sweet, yet tart, flavor. The sweetness comes from fruit juice, fresh berries, and apricots.

Glazed Fish

Better Homes and Gardens

Easy three-ingredient glazes give you options for a no-fuss dinner. A quick spinach saute makes a nice side that suits any glaze.

Citrus Orange Roughy

Better Homes and Gardens

Brush the orange, lemon, and ginger mixture on this fish for this low-fat main-dish recipe. Because Orange Roughy is considered to be endangered, you may substitute another white fish.

Fish with Tangerine Relish

Diabetic Living

This flavorful and healthy recipe combines white fish fillets with a refreshing fruit sauce.

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