Baked Catfish

Fast and convenient, a meal of baked catfish can be on the table in 15 minutes flat. With lemon-herb, barbecue, and Jamaican jerk seasonings, these easy baked catfish recipes wow seafood lovers.

See Popular Baked Catfish Recipes

Oven-Baked Catfish

Pepperidge Farm

A crunchy cornbread coating on these tender catfish fillets makes a tempting, easy-from-the-oven dinner.

Total: 35 mins

Pecan-Crusted Catfish

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... Everyone goes nuts for our Pecan-Crusted Catfish, baked instead of fried and an outstanding recipe for anyone watching their cholesterol.

Total: 30 mins

Crunchy Topped Fish with Potato Sticks

Better Homes and Gardens

Enjoy a low-fat version of fish and chips. The oven-fried fish sports a crisp coating of seasoned stuffing mix and potato sticks.

Total: 45 mins

Catfish with a Crunch

Better Homes and Gardens

A pretzel coating adds a new twist to traditional fried catfish. Serve it with coleslaw and steamed vegetables.

Total: 25 mins

Catfish & Lemon-Dill Sauce

Family Circle

Smoked paprika adds flavor and color to the oven-roasted potatoes as well as the baked catfish fillets.

Catfish 'N' Chips

Better Homes and Gardens

Try this healthy and delicious spin on classic fish and chips. Catfish fillets are covered in panko crumbs and served with delicious Yukon gold potatoes.

Catfish with Bacon and Onions: 30-Minute Meal

In Cajun country, catfish is king. And as we gear up to celebrate Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday), we take our own bow to the catfish that folks from Louisiana know how to cook to perfection. Pan-fried or baked, catfish has a mild flavor that marries well with spices like paprika and cayenne pepper, and a dash of hot-pepper sauce.

Cajun Pecan-Crusted Catfish


Crunchy, battered catfish fillets have jumped out of the Louisiana backwaters to become a national favorite, thanks in large part to the Cajun cooking craze that started in the '80s. Here, the fillets are coated in a spicy melange of cornflakes and pecans and baked for a traditional yet surprisingly healthy take on this bayou favorite.

Total: 40 mins

Pecan-Crusted Fish with Peppers and Squash

Diabetic Living

Nut-crusted fish and antioxidant-rich vegetables make this diabetic main dish both healthy and delicious.

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Anyone who thinks Mardi Gras is just a chance to party doesn't know enough about the delicious food that's at the heart of this annual festival. New Orleans cuisine is the stuff of legend -- spicy jambalaya, blackened catfish, savory dirty rice. Really, what's not to love?

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