Fish and Seafood

Fresh fish, shrimp, crab and lobster taste like the ocean, with a briny sweetness that's meant to be enhanced, not overpowered -- so the best recipes keep things light. When you're buying seafood, seek out firm flesh, bright eyes, and above all, that clean, sweet scent of the sea (yes, we're suggesting you smell the fish before you buy). Then, once you bring it home, well ... leave it alone. Sure, sprinkle it with a bit of fresh lemon juice, a drizzle of clarified butter, and some fragrant fresh herbs. Even hearty fish and/or clam chowders are straightforward, with fish stock and heavy cream creating a rich base for the seafood. Because fresh fish should always be the star of the show - treat it like a diva.

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    Fish and Seafood Articles
    Easy Seafood Risotto with Asparagus and Peas
    ... ingredients. I liked the addition of bright, tangy flavors in this Lemony Risotto recipe. Seafood pairs great... read more...
    Brazilian Seafood Soup: A Welcoming Meal for Friends
    ..., the dish that says this most eloquently is a bountiful seafood soup! Brazilian seafood soup from Daniel.... With fresh grated ginger, lots of garlic, and a large handful of cilantro, the seafood in this soup... delicious meal! I like to buy my fish in the morning when I know that it has just been placed on its bed... read more...
    Quick & Easy Parmesan Baked Fish
    ...Growing up in the Midwest, the only fish I ate came in stick form, and as an adult I was a strict... vegetarian for 16 years. Now that I've rejoined the carnivorous ranks, I've started introducing seafood... into my diet. I was pretty excited about adding a fish dish to my 40 Before 40 project, but a bit nervous... read more...
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