Turkey Sausage

Turkey sausage is a healthy way to indulge in your favorite sweet and spicy recipes. Whether you are looking for an entree, side dish, or appetizer, these turkey sausage recipes will appeal to the entire family.

Sweet Potato and Turkey Sausage Hash

Diabetic Living

The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes pairs well with turkey sausage in this modern take on a hash. Try it for brunch on a particularly active weekend.

Country Sausage Gravy

Diabetic Living
Total: 15 mins

Zesty Black Bean Chili

Midwest Living

Turkey kielbasa keeps the fat low in this 30-minute bean chili. Salsa helps make its spicy sauce.

Turkey-Apple Sausage Patties

Diabetic Living

Why not make your own breakfast sausage? It's easy, and these homemade breakfast treats are healthier by far than the store-bought version!

Tuscan Mac 'n' Cheese

Better Homes and Gardens

This grown up macaroni and cheese casserole recipe includes sausage, olives, and herbs.

White Bean and Sausage Rigatoni

Better Homes and Gardens

For a quick and easy dinner, try this tomato-based white bean, smoked turkey sausage, and pasta, main dish recipe that you can throw together in less than 30 minutes.

Total: 20 mins

Country-Style Turkey Sausage

Better Homes and Gardens

Ground turkey breast is used to make this low-fat breakfast sausage.

Smoked Sausage and Bean Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

The crisp crunch of coleslaw adds extra texture to this warm and hearty bean soup recipe. To save time, use coleslaw mix found in the produce section.

Total: 45 mins

Sausage and Peppers

Family Circle

Cheese-Filled Empanadas

Family Circle

Sausage & potatoes

Family Circle

Sausage-Pasta Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

The tomato and turkey sausage sauce nestles in a crust of baked vermicelli in this family-pleasing recipe.

Black Bean and Sausage Posole

Better Homes and Gardens

Add canned beans, hominy, and tomatoes to light sausage for this easy, off-the-shelf version of posole (poh-SOH-leh), a hearty Mexican soup.

Turkey and Apple Breakfast Sausage

Better Homes and Gardens

This heart-healthy homemade turkey sausage is lower in fat, calories, and sodium than traditional breakfast sausage.

Sausage Jambalaya

Better Homes and Gardens

If you like your Cajun dishes extra spicy, increase the red pepper or the chili powder.

Total: 30 mins
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