Hot Dogs

Kids of all ages will love these hot dog recipes. From cute creatures made out of hot dogs to a plethora of seasoned sauces to complement them, these quick and easy recipes are a year-round indoors or outdoor favorite.

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Chicago Style Hotdogs

The Food Channel

Classic hot dogs from the Windy City piled high with sweet pickle relish, tomatoes, onions, mustard, and a pickle spear.

3 Things to Make With...Hot Dogs

When you find a good deal at your grocery store, it's smart to stock up -- but it can be a challenge to find new, tasty ways to use up all those good bargains. Each week, we bring you three original (often surprising!) recipes that feature the types of ingredients you're likely to find on sale.

Picnic Hot Dog Platter

Better Homes and Gardens

Make summer cookouts complete by serving hot dogs or sausages topped with especially intriguing mustard sauces.

Mummy Wraps

Better Homes and Gardens

Two ingredients, plus ketchup and mustard, make this 30-minute Halloween snack a simple and fun treat.

New York-Style Hot Dogs

Family Circle

Pigs in a Blanket

Atkins - Phase 2

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Total: 20 mins

Savannah Swiss Hot Dogs


From the mountains to the beach -- Paula Deen's take on a classic dish made Southern style.

Total: 5 mins

Barbecue Potato Chip Crunch Dogs

Better Homes and Gardens

Mummy Dogs

Better Homes and Gardens

31 Days of Great Grilling: Hot Dogs and Texas Tomato Chutney

When it comes to great "on the grill" recipes, nothing beats the Great Outdoors (i.e., your Backyard). Or the Great State of Texas. In fact, if you're looking for easy grilling to please the kids and just plain easy to please yourself, go for this recipe for Hot Dogs and Texas Tomato Chutney.

Apple-Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket

Family Circle

Put an autumn spin on traditional pigs in a blanket. These cheesy puff pastry bites feature apple chicken sausage for a melding of sweet and savory flavors.

Total: 40 mins

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve these jumbo dogs with whole pickled peppers as they often do in Chicago.

Cheesy Franks

Total: 20 mins

Mummy Wraps


Two ingredients, plus ketchup and mustard, make this 30-minute Halloween snack a simple and fun treat.

Puff Pastry-Wrapped Mini Hot Dogs

Better Homes and Gardens

These little appetizers are the grown-up version of pigs in a blanket. They take less than an hour including bake time sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese or finely shredded Gruyere cheese on top for a warm, cheesy appetizer or snack.

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