Hot Sauce

Sure lots of commercial hot sauces exist, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try one of these great recipes to make your own homemade hot sauce. Your friends and family will be impressed with your new fiery sauce.

See Popular Hot Sauce Recipes

Peach and Pear Chili Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

This sweet and spicy condiment pairs well with grilled beef, pork, or chicken.

Ancho Chile Tomato Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Chili powder adds smoky depth and a kick of spice to this tomato-based, 30-minute sauce recipe.

Triple Pepper Hot Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Use this spicy sauce on buffalo wings, in Bloody Mary cocktails or on top of tacos.

Thai Curry Paste

Fine Cooking Magazine

The master recipe makes a red curry paste, using dried red chiles. For green curry paste, see the variation at the bottom. Thai curry paste is traditionally made using a sturdy granite mortar and pestle, but a food processor works fine. This curry paste will have a softer texture than the fudge-textured curry pastes you find in stores because of the water you add to help the blades move.

Mustardy Habanero Hot Sauce

Food & Wine

Homemade hot sauce tastes more vibrant than store-bought and it takes hardly any time to make. Yellow mustard and just a touch of allspice give Grace Parisi's sauce a distinctive, complex flavor. Habanero chiles are already quite fiery but to make the sauce truly incendiary, add some of the seeds.

Total: 30 mins

Spicy Low-Country Shrimp and Grits

Family Circle

This hot and spicy shrimp recipe takes it's cue from Cajun seasoning, red pepper sauce, and red pepper flakes. Serve with andouille sausage and grits to complete the meal.

Ribeye Steaks with Hot-as-Heck Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Like spicy? These sizzling ribeye steaks fire up your palate with a hot and smoky chipotle pepper sauce.

World Famous Chubby Mary

Midwest Living

This vodka and tomato juice drink is spiced up with horseradish and hot pepper sauce. Add smoked fish, dill pickles, and green olives to finish it off.

Total: 20 mins

Rib-Eye Steaks with Hot-as-Heck Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Grilled rib-eye steaks fire up your palate with a hot and smoky chipotle pepper sauce.

Brunswick Stew

Better Homes and Gardens

Chicken and ham make a main dish stew that simmers all day in a slow cooker.

Texas-Style Barbecued Chicken Legs

Better Homes and Gardens

Chicken legs are economical and a great choice for grilling. The spicy barbecue sauce boasts lots of Texas flavor and is delicious with the moist dark meat from the legs.

Spiced Pork Ribs

Better Homes and Gardens

This grilled pork rib recipe, with meat coated in five-spice rub then glazed with a sweetened molasses mixture has fall-off-the-bone goodness.

Corn Roasted Walleye

Midwest Living

A fresh sweet pepper and corn salsa tops the fish in this recipe. It's cooked in corn husks, making for a fun presentation.

Peppery Mexican Chicken Salad

Family Circle

Bottled hot pepper sauce provides the heat in the spicy dressing. For a taco-style salad, serve the chicken, avocado, and rice combo in purchased tortilla shells.

Aji Sauce


A piquant South American sauce, aji complements almost any dish in which plain hot sauce might be used.

Total: 10 mins

Spicy BBQ Chicken with Coconut Scallion Rice

Ladies' Home Journal

Hot pepper jelly, cider vinegar, ginger, and garlic make both a basting sauce for the chicken and a sauce to serve with it in this dinner recipe.

Total: 55 mins

Tuna Focaccia

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 15 mins
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