Summer Salads

When it's hot outside, chill out with easy recipes for summer salads. Loaded with fruit, chicken, greens, and pasta, these easy summer salads are keepers you'll prepare over and over again.

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Summer: Green Salads

Summer is all about keeping cool--salads couldn't be a more suitable side dish for the weather. And it's peak produce season, so you have your pick of what to toss in. Think about rounding out a meat-heavy grill meal with a salad.

10 Great Salads for Super Summer Dinners

If on a steamy summer night when dinner time rolls around and the Martha and the Vandellas song "Heat Wave" is bouncing around your head, think main-dish salads. And we don't mean ultralight greens or a bowl of juicy, colorful fruit -- both fabulous and seasonal but not substantive enough to keep the hearty appetites around the table satisfied. These 10 summer salad ideas are light and refreshing but give you a good dose of protein or starch, which, along with the season's best veggies, will keep you happy, keep you cool, and -- the best part -- keep you from turning on the oven.

Summer Sensations: Picnic-Perfect Potato Salads

To paraphrase a classic song, you may say po-tay-toe, and I may say pa-tah-toe, but when it comes to potato salad, the big question is -- mustard or mayo? This choice defines potato salad, and while we agree that each brings distinctly different flavors, we love them both equally. That's why we're giving you an array of potato salad recipes perfect for summer entertaining.

Ranch Dressing -- Not Just for Summer Salads Anymore!

Of course you love ranch dressing. Who doesn't? But do you really want to try it as a soda.

8 Seasonal Spinach Salads: Just Right for Summer

For many of us, childhood was filled with cartoon images of spinach as a lifeless green blob spilling out of a tin can. Sure, we knew spinach could give you energy, but little did we know just how delicious it can be, especially in a flavorful spinach salad. With summer here, there's no better time to give spinach salad a second chance.

3 Ways with Kale: Composing Excellent Summer Salads

The art of composing a salad is fairly easily achieved, and once mastered is a wonderful skill to possess. Here are three salad ideas to try with kale.

MyPlate Meals: 6 Super (& Super-Healthy) Summer Salads

In music, there are one-hit wonders, and there are classics. Salads are no different. Fresh ingredients, an especially flavorful dressing, an unexpected flavor combination -- these are all factors in creating a salad that you'll want to make repeatedly, just as you can listen to your favorite song again and again.

Farro Salad with Fried Cauliflower and Prosciutto

Food & Wine

Cooks in Italy fry cauliflower to bring out its nuttiness. Here, Ethan Stowell deep-fries it for a salad with salty prosciutto and nubby farro (a variety of whole-grain wheat).

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Turkey Salad Platter

Better Homes and Gardens

This chilled main dish salad is a perfect way to use up leftover turkey.

Aunt Pattys Perfection Salad

The Food Channel

Nobody's perfect, but recipe-wise this dish comes close. The colorful mold presentation is unique and eye-catching--a superb selection to bring to those summer picnics and potlucks. Coleslaw never had it so good!

Green Goddess Dressing

Better Homes and Gardens

The freshness and flavor of this homemade dressing far surpasses the store-bought version, and it's ready in minutes.

Pork & Potato Stack

Better Homes and Gardens

A creamy walnut-garlic vinaigrette is drizzled over layers of pork tenderloin and vegetables and then refrigerated for this summertime salad recipe.

Southwestern Summer Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

This sensational spicy salad showcases summer vegetables. You can easily double the ingredients to make enough for potlucks and neighborhood block parties.

Total: 40 mins

BLT Salad with Blue Cheese

Food & Wine

In his cute version of the BLT sandwich, Michael Schwartz replaces the mayo with a wedge of blue cheese. He cures his own bacon, but the salad is delicious with any good artisanal bacon. "They can never be too thick," he says.

Total: 35 mins

Summer Sensations: 6 Bodacious Bean Salad Recipes

Come summer, we go bonkers for bean salads. Why? For starters, they tend to rely on the one kitchen utensil we love most when the mercury is riding high outside: the can opener.

Herb and Roasted Pepper Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Colorful roasted sweet peppers star in this side salad. Roast a combination of red, yellow, and green peppers for extra eye-appeal.

Citrus-Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

Food & Wine

Bobby Flay combines lime, orange and grapefruit juices for a dressing that's great on greens or fruit, especially honeydew.

Total: 10 mins
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