Ham Salad

At picnics or for lunch, simple ham salad is a multidimensional choice with its array of hearty tastes and textures. From Dijon ham salad to pasta ham salad to a ham salad sandwich, these recipes are quick to put together, but you'll want to make the flavors last.

See Popular Ham Salad Recipes

Ham Salad Sandwich


This is just a nice change from an ordinary ham sandwich

Total: 5 mins

Ham and Pea Wild Rice Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

The basic version of this recipe is a quick and easy weeknight meal. Each of the three variations--Asian, Prosciutto, and Salmon--are tasty too.

New Ham and Rice Salad

Midwest Living

Traditional ham and pea salad gets a makeover in this recipe. We used a package of long-grain and wild rice mix for the base to make it a hearty main dish.

Garden Vegetable Potato Salad with Ham


This light and filling potato salad is a great use of your leftover ham.

Total: 14 mins

Creamy Ham Salad with Corn Muffins

Family Circle

Fresh peaches add a pleasant sweetness to this summertime ham salad served in sweet pepper cups. The quick and easy dressing is made with whipped cream cheese, sweet onion, and Dijon mustard.

Pretty Little Tea Sandwiches with Heart

Midwest Living

Fill heart-shaped bread with the filling of your choice for these appetizer sandwiches. Choose from chicken, ham, or egg salad, or try a marmalade or cucumber filling.

Total: 15 mins

Wheelie Ham Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Kids love the fun pasta used in this main dish salad, but you'll love that it's low in fat and calories.

Ham and Pasta Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Even family members who aren't dieting will enjoy this low-calorie pasta salad.

How to Cook a Honey-Glazed Ham

Once you learn how to cook a honey-glazed ham in your own kitchen you'll find it's just as easy to make one at home as it is to make the trip to a specialty store for a pre-sliced ham with a packet of glaze. What's more, you'll find the homemade version is considerably less expensive.

How to Make Crab Salad

Knowing how to make a crab salad sandwich is what sets apart a gourmand from a run-of-the-mill cook. Anyone can whip up a tuna melt or a ham and cheese sub, but a crab salad is a lunch that is equally suited to a damask tablecloth or a picnic basket.

Swiss Vegetable Casserole: Dinner for $10

Our advice: add the recipe for this Swiss Vegetable Casserole to your collection of handy go-to recipes. Really, it's a satisfying meatless dinner in and of itself, with a tossed salad and some good bread (or even biscuits) on the side. You can also make it even heartier by tossing in some leftover cooked chicken or cubed ham to the mix.

How to Make Potato Casserole

If you're trying hard to stick to your grocery budget, consider learning how to make potato casserole. This cost efficient dish can be a main course on its own when paired with a green salad (add some leftover ham into the recipe if you want more protein!), or makes a versatile side dish that complements almost any entree.

More Holiday Ham Recipes -- Fast and Delicious!

Christmas morning may get all the attention, but Christmas dinner is just as important. And, if you're a food-fanatic, dinner is actually even more significant than the gift extravaganza. We all know how fabulous ham is for the holidays (read all about it in How to Make Perfect Christmas Ham -- 10 Easy Recipes).

Easter Ham for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

Easter wouldn't be the same without Deviled Eggs, Hot Cross Buns and plenty of jelly beans but no food says Easter quite like ham.

Easter Dinner Feast: Pineapple and Rosemary Fresh Ham

Make your Easter dinner extra-special with this recipe for roasted ham coated in a pineapple and rosemary glaze and a zingy pineapple sauce.

Dinner Tonight: Reclaim the Layered Salad

Layered salads can be a modern and easy way to serve dinner to a crowd. Try one of our favorites tonight.

Easy Macaroni Salads -- Summer's Surprise Hit Recipes

A summer dinner party -- whether a backyard cookout or a rainy day potluck -- isn't complete without a macaroni salad. There, now we've gotten that out of the way. But don't think just because macaroni salad is so commonplace on summertime picnic tables that we should take them for granted.

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