Egg Salad

Everyone loves a creamy egg salad, ideal for brunch or a leisurely lunch. From classic egg salad to curried egg salad, these easy recipes are perfect served solo or between two slices of homemade bread.

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    Egg Salad Articles
    Eggs for Brunch! Eight Amazing Egg Brunch Dishes
    ... of breakfast, not supper. Which means that if you're hosting a brunch, you'll want more delicious egg... recipes than, say, delicious octopus recipes. And with local eggs widely available at this time of year, it's a... Breakfast Casserole Here's a richly amazing Gruyere-pancetta egg casserole can also be made ahead. (And... read more...
    Springtime Eggs for Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, and Dessert
    ... dining tables, too. In addition to fresh produce, eggs are a culinary boon of springtime. It's makes... sense that eggs have long been a symbol of spring; they're literal representations of rebirth... also produce more as a result. The best way for us to take advantage of this bounty is to find eggs... read more...
    Fabulous Fennel: Perfect for Salads, Soups & More
    ... with the vegetable's fresh, crunchy taste when raw. But DO try it in a salad like this Grapefruit and Radicchio Salad... it in place of celery in salads and soups. Cream of Roasted Fennel Soup (shown at top) is much more exciting... than plain old celery soup! 4. Don't throw away the fronds. They make a great garnish to salads like... read more...
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