Greek Salad Dressing

A simple Greek salad dressing recipe adds flavor to greens and pasta salad. From creamy feta to vinaigrette laced with oregano, these authentic Greek salad dressing recipes are easy fixes for Mediterranean meals.

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Marinated Greek Salad


Pork tenderloin turns this salad into a full meal.

Grilled Platter

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Greek Chopped Salad

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Greek Lamb Salad with Yogurt Dressing

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Bring Mediterranean sizzle to the table with the elemental Greek trio of lamb, yogurt, and cucumber. Dried tart cherries make the dish sparkle.

Total: 30 mins

Greek Salad Club

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Total: 25 mins

Greek Salad with Chicken

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Baked chicken thighs team up with a refreshing Greek salad for a palate-pleasing weeknight chicken dinner. The fresh herb dressing doubles as a marinade for the chicken.

How to Make Salad Dressing

Bottled dressing won't be in the picture again when you learn the basic techniques behind how to make salad dressing. It's easy--just remember a few simple tricks.

Greek Spinach-Pasta Salad with Feta and Beans

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With salads like this, who needs meat? This clever concoction is packed with protein-packed beans and feta, making it a perfect pick for vegetarian guests at potlucks and picnics. To up the nutritional ante, make the salad with whole-grain pasta.

Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast

Atkins - Phase 1

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Total: 27 mins

Gorgeous Greek Salad: Make the Takeout

Of course we all know how to make a Greek salad, one of our favorite takeout items from the coffee shop, deli, or taverna in the neighborhood. Or do we? It sounds simple at first.

Greek Salad: The Way It Is Supposed to Be Eaten

Greak salad is a healthy and incredibly delicious salad that is easy to make and perfect for summer entertaining.

7 Slimmed-Down Salad Dressing Recipes

To maintain that salad health halo--and make your vegetables taste amazing--here are 7 lightened-up salad dressing recipes that are way better than bottled.

Greek Quinoa Salad with Avocadoes: Quick Dinner on a Dime

This light quinoa and spinach salad is quick to make and features favorite Greek flavors including feta and tomatoes. Avocado adds an unexpected bonus!

How to Make Fruit Bowl Salad with Honey-Mint Dressing

This fruit bowl salad with honey mint dressing is aperfect option when looking for a healthy breakfast. The addition of the simple, fresh dressing will leave you refreshed and ready to get your day started!

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