Vinegar Coleslaw

An oil-and-vinegar coleslaw dressing dramatically changes the flavor of this all-American dish. These easy vinegar coleslaw recipes include sweet and savory salads made with apple cider, red wine, and white balsamic vinegar.

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    Vinegar Coleslaw Articles
    Perfect Coleslaw: What's the Secret?
    ...This article should more rightly be called "Coleslaw: What's the Coleslaw?" because people... are seriously opinionated about their coleslaw. You know it's true: if you've got 20 people at a potluck, they...'ll bring 20 styles of coleslaw that each insists is the only way. My Indiana-born husband is still annoyed... read more...
    Creamy Coleslaw vs. Healthy Jicama: Battle of the Summer Sides
    ...Classic Creamy Coleslaw, ready in 20 minutes, or Jicama Coleslaw, which takes longer (but only... to you on this close call. (Or try them both!) Creamy Coleslaw, which is super-easy to make (just combine... was sleeping. (Would you?) You shouldn't mess with this classic creamy coleslaw either. On the other hand... read more...
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