Waldorf Chicken Salad

Chicken Waldorf salad recipes found their fame on the tables of classy country clubs and high-society ladies' luncheons. Now you can bring chicken Waldorf salad down to earth. These delicious interpretations include classic chicken Waldorf salad, along with versions that use smoked chicken or a different style of dressing.

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How to Make Chicken Waldorf Salad

Learn how to make chicken waldorf salad more modern with add-ins like dried cherries, pecans and rosemary. You can even try it with smoked chicken (available at most supermarkets) to bring in new layers of flavor.

Chicken Waldorf Salad: Dinner for $10

The heat this summer has been one for the record books across much of the country, and if you're like us, by now you've well cycled through your repertoire of hot-weather recipes. And August has only just begun. Don't despair!

3-Way Chicken Salad

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Waldorf Chicken Salad

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At the restaurant, Mark Sullivan brines poultry before roasting it, then tosses it with little gem lettuce, pickled grapes and candied walnuts. At home you can streamline the ingredient list to lower the cost: This recipe calls for about half the ingredients.

Total: 2 hrs 15 mins

Chicken Waldorf Salad1

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How to Make Chicken Salad

Chicken salad maintains its place in lunch boxes and on picnic tables decade after decade because it's simple and delicious. And that's why every home cook should learn how to make it.

Chicken Waldorf Salad

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Dried cherries, pecans, and rosemary enhance this chicken and apple salad. Make it even more fabulous with smoked chicken from the deli section of your grocery store.

Total: 20 mins

Chicken Salad Recipes

Check out our recipes for simply delicious chicken salad ideas!

Chicken Salad: 30-Minute Meal

Salad for dinner sounds like part of our new year's resolution to eat healthy and eat lean. But with chicken salad, that resolution is easy to keep. Leftover roast chicken, chicken thighs, or chicken breasts are easily and quickly made into a salad that's satisfying as a main dish dinner or as a protein-rich lunch.

Easy Curried Chicken Salad: Make the Takeout

The thing about Curried Chicken Salad is that you can make a ton of it and know that it will never go to waste. Not in the summertime. Not with the kids home from school.

Zesty Weeknight Fare: Crunchy Chicken Taco Salad

Try this Crunchy Chicken Taco Salad for dinner this week and enjoy a light, yet satisfying Mexican-inspired meal.

Make-Ahead Layered Chicken Fiesta Salad

A make-ahead layered chicken fiesta salad that's ideal to serve for an easy family dinner or to a hungry crowd.

Caesar Salad with Chicken: Make the Takeout

When lunchtime rolls around, a lot of us head to the corner deli or salad bar to grab sandwiches and salads, with the chicken Caesar salad close to the top of the list. It gives you lean protein and greens, it's relatively low fat, and doesn't weigh you down for the rest of the workday. It can also set you back around $10.

Chicken Soup to Chicken Salad: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Now that the leaves are changing color, I've got chicken soup on my mind. But I'm re-inventing this all-time favorite, making a cilantro-tinged soup, with avocado and cut ears of corn, that is virtually the national dish of Colombia. Of course, I prepare double the amount of super-healthy skinless chicken breasts that I'll need for the soup so I'll have enough left over for a great salad the next day.

Lemon-Basil Chicken-Pasta Salad: Dinner for $10

One of the best things about these long summer evenings is how many ways there are to enjoy them. You've got your outdoor concerts, movies in the park, and a whole variety of festivals -- the sort of activities that invite you to toss a blanket and some lawn chairs in the car and spend an evening out in the warm summer twilight. So it's great to have a handful of recipes in your collection that can come together in a flash and that keep well in a cooler.

Summer Sensations: 6 Lovely Low-Cal Chicken Salad Recipes

There's a reason every deli in America serves chicken salad. Easy, versatile and delicious, chicken salad can be as simple or as complex as you like. The best chicken salad showcases tender, juicy meat and tastes just as good on its own as it does in a sandwich.

Coconut-Lime Chicken Salad: An Easy and Colorful Dinner Dish

This Coconut Lime Chicken Salad with snow peas, purple cabbage, and peanuts is both pretty to look at and delicious to eat.

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