7 Layer Salad

7-layer salad draws a crowd at nearly every potluck or picnic. These easy recipes cover all the variations that will net big raves from 7-layer salad fans.

See Popular 7 Layer Salad Recipes

Seven Layer Noodle Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

To make this layered potluck salad into a main dish salad, add a layer of cooked shrimp or chicken.

The New Layered Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

This updated version of the potluck favorite features turkey ham, fresh fennel, and garbanzo beans.

Cousin Annies 7 Layer Salad with Thousand Island Dressing

The Food Channel

This delicious salad is always a welcome addition to the buffet table for family gatherings, bring-a-dish buffets and summer picnics. Inspired by a classic Southern favorite, this layered all-American salad looks beautiful in a clear glass bowl.

Total: 30 mins

Seven-Layer Salad


This makeover of a Midwestern classic tops layers of lettuce, peas, bell pepper and tomatoes with a creamy, tangy dressing. The salad stays fresh underneath until it's served and gets even better when held overnight.

Total: 30 mins

"Healthified" Layered Vegetable Salad

Betty Crocker

65% fewer calories, 77% less fat, 75% less sat fat than the original recipe. So many scrumptious layers with so much less fat--enjoy!

Total: 20 mins

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To maintain that salad health halo--and make your vegetables taste amazing--here are 7 lightened-up salad dressing recipes that are way better than bottled.

How to Make Seven Layer Salad

Seven Layer Salad is a time-honored recipe that seems to make the guest list at almost every baby and bridal shower, family reunion, potluck, picnic and outdoor cookout or barbecue. The idea is simple: Layer seven ingredients in a bowl, add dressing and garnish. The dish is easy to make, you can mix and match whatever ingredients you already have on hand, and it naturally lends itself innovation and adaptation.

How to Make Seven Layer Salad

Learn how to make the king of all salads: the Seven Layer Salad. This Midwestern classic gets a makeover and is laced with a delicious, tangy dressing.

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When you're busy doing errands, and there's not much time to make lunch or dinner, a stop at the deli for mile-high sandwiches sounds like just the ticket. But at an average of $5 to $7 a sandwich, you're going to spend a bundle. A homemade tuna salad sandwich costs a fraction of what the deli charges, and you can keep the tuna always on hand in the pantry.

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