Everyone remembers a special salad that showed up at family gatherings year after year. Maybe in your family, it was a classic Waldorf studded with celery and crunchy apples, or a bowl full of iceberg lettuce drizzled with blue cheese - or perhaps an eccentric aunt always brought a Jell-O mold studded with pineapple and cottage cheese. Salads are an integral part of most meals. Fresh veggies and crisp greens provide balance to rich foods like mac and cheese, while creamy mayonnaise-based salads and slaws give great contrast to roasted and barbecued meats. Lunchtime calls out for some of your favorite salad recipes: potato salad, chicken salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, egg salad - wouldn't your life be bleak without them? Consider learning to make your own salad dressings instead of defaulting to store-bought bottles - it's not only cheaper, but much more flavorful. Most, including basic vinaigrette, take only minutes to put together.

See Popular Salad Recipes

Spring Chicken Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, this easy chicken salad is so delicious your family won't realize how good it is for them.

Total: 35 mins

Zesty Three-Bean Salad

Midwest Living

Sweet soybeans, kidney beans, and garbanzo beans combine to make this tasty salad recipe that's perfect for your next potluck.

Red Hot Pepper Vinaigrette

Diabetic Living

Spinach-Apricot Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Make this side dish salad into a main dish or low calorie lunch by adding grilled chicken.

Total: 20 mins

Veggie Taco Bowls

Family Circle

Bacon Salad Dressing

Diabetic Living
Total: 15 mins

Fingerling Potato Salad with Leeks and Fennel

Ladies' Home Journal

Summer savory, a minty herb, complements buttery potatoes and zesty fennel.

Total: 40 mins

Garden Risotto

Ladies' Home Journal
Total: 50 mins

Fruity Pasta Salad

Midwest Living

Save last-minute preparation time by hulling and quartering the strawberries ahead; store them in a separate container. For the salad, choose a white or clear poppy seed dressing to show off fresh colors.

Light 'N' Tangy Asian Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

This salad bowl special, complete with chicken, toasted ramen noodles, and peanuts, is a meal in itself.

Harvest Salad


What makes this salad unique and delicious is the's made by combining Italian salad dressing mix with oil, vinegar, honey and a secret ingredient...tomato soup.

Total: 10 mins

Herbed Chevre en Croute with Salad Mesclun

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

Looking for an impressive first-course? Simply wrap a herb-encrusted goat cheese log in puff pastry and serve with a lightly dressed mesclun salad. So easy, yet so good.

Total: 1 hr 20 mins
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