Hamburger and Rice

Hamburger and rice make the perfect combo, whether you're making a casserole, hot dish, or stuffed peppers. Browse these hamburger and rice recipes for quick dinner ideas sure to please.

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Korean Rice Bowl

Family Circle

Tex-Mex Meatballs and Rice


Baked meatballs served with a chunky tomato sauce with green chilies and rice.

Total: 35 mins

Chili Rice

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A spicy jalapeno pepper heats up this classic chili recipe. The mild flavors of kidney beans and rice mellow the meal.

Catchall Casserole

Better Homes and Gardens

Meat & Veggie Stir-Fry

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Total: 20 mins

Whatchagot Soup

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 30 mins

Beef Taco Rice Skillet

Old El Paso

Mexican skillet dinner ready in 30 minutes! Enjoy this cheesy ground beef, rice and vegetables dish made using Old El Paso® taco seasoning and Green Giant® frozen whole kernel corn.

Total: 30 mins

Chicken Alfredo and Rice Casserole

Slivered almonds and sweet red peppers set this chicken Alfredo dish apart from the rest. Top it off with breadcrumbs to give it the perfect finish.

How to Make White and Wild Rice Pilaf

Make this white and wild rice pilaf as the perfect complement to your main course. The hint of garlic and vegetables will keep you coming back for more.

How to Make a Spanish Rice

Making your own rice is a great option if you are watching your sodium. Tomatoes, spices and veggies is all it takes to make this easy, healthy recipe.

Super-Easy Meat Loaf Casserole: 30-Minute Meal

The secret of a great Meat Loaf Casserole recipe? The same as for a high-speed train. Both have to be really fast.

How to Make Chicken and Rice Casserole

Knowing how to make a chicken and rice casserole ensures you can always serve up one of the most universally beloved comfort foods. Nearly everyone's grandmother had her own version of this dish, and the beauty of it is that you can fall back on whatever ingredients you happen to have handy, for endless variations. There's no one "right" recipe.

Red Beans and Rice: 30-Minute Meal

They don't call New Orleans the Big Easy for nothing. Life moves at a gentler pace in Louisiana, where folks even take their cooking slow, in order to bring out the best flavors. Red beans and rice is a signature of Creole Louisiana, a dish that was traditionally served on Mondays, acquiring one of its key ingredients--a ham bone--from the baked ham that was customarily eaten on Sundays.

Mexican Chicken and Rice: Dinner for $10

Chicken, beans and rice -- there's comfort in simplicity, and we think there's a lot to be said for getting back to basics. But basic doesn't have to mean boring. Take the white rice in this Mexican Chicken and Rice.

Fast Chicken and Rice: 30-Minute Meal

Chicken and Rice sounds so warm and cozy at this time of the year. And this Fast Chicken and Rice recipe is all that and also FAST, really fast -- as in 10 minutes. That's right, folks!

Asian Chicken And Rice: 30-Minute Meal

Maybe Asian Chicken and Rice sounds too fancy for a busy workday. Maybe you're thinking "takeout" and wondering if this dish might be a little complicated after you've been running around like crazy -- from school, to soccer practice, to the market, trying to come up with a meal the whole family will love. Well, this Asian Chicken and Rice recipe was made especially for you -- or anyone like you, who thrills to a rousing chorus of "wow, great meal!"

How to Make Mexican Rice

This mexican rice is the perfect side dish to a chicken, beef or pork entree. With so much color and flavor it will easily become a favorite.

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