Brown Rice

Both flavorful and healthful, brown rice works well in a variety of recipes. Try the brown variety in chicken-and-rice dishes, pilafs, stir-fries, and rice puddings.

See Popular Brown Rice Recipes

Sesame Ginger Rice Salad Bowls

The Food Channel

Eat fresh with this simple delicious Asian market rice salad blend of garden salad greens, aromatic wild and whole grain brown rice seasoned with a splash of tamari, crisp julienne Asian veggies and toasted sesame ginger dressing served in large bowls.

Total: 1 hr 10 mins

Do You Love Brown Rice Like the Obamas Love Brown Rice?

Tough election year aside, when it comes to family dinners, it turns out most Americans are right there with the Obamas. NPR recently conducted a survey of more than 10,000 people to see how their dining choices compare with those of the first family's, and 77 percent say they "always" or "usually" eat as a family on weekdays, with the same number saying they only eat dessert a couple nights a week. (Liars!)

Nutty Brown-Rice Tabbouleh

Food & Wine

Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern salad typically made with bulgur (dried and ground or crushed wheat berries that are parboiled). Here, warm brown rice takes bulgur's place.

Total: 1 hr 20 mins

Quick and Easy Chicken, Broccoli & Brown Rice: 30-Minute Meal

A quick and easy skillet dinner -- every night. Wouldn't that be nice? But also impossible, you say.

Total: 1 hr 5 mins

Parsley-Herb Rice with Cranberries

Better Homes and Gardens

Greek Rice Bake


This side is so good it steals the show! It features brown rice with white beans, portobellos, artichoke hearts and tomatoes...topped with feta cheese, it's irresistible!

Total: 1 hr

Cornish Hens with Basil-Wild Rice Stuffing

Better Homes and Gardens

A combination of brown rice and wild rice makes for a nutty tasting stuffing. Or, grill the stuffing packet alongside chicken breasts, pork chops, or salmon steaks.

Easy New Year's Resolutions: Bet Big on Brown Rice!

When it comes to putting more fiber in your diet, eating whole grains like brown rice is a good place to start. Brown rice has three times the fiber and a quarter more protein than white rice, which has had its bran and germ removed. And this low-energy-density food with its pleasantly nutty flavor packs more essential nutrients, such as selenium (an antioxidant), magnesium (to keep bones strong) and potassium (which helps build muscle) than the refined white version.

Breakfast Rice Cereal

Better Homes and Gardens

Make brown rice the headliner in this hot cereal that's studded with dried fruit bits.

Total: 20 mins

Brown Rice Salad with Basil & Pistachios

Fine Cooking Magazine

Cooking brown rice by the pasta method is quick and results in tender, separate grains with a nice chewy bite. The golden raising in the dressing give this dish a hint of sweetness.

Hoppin John with Grits Polenta

Better Homes and Gardens

This Southern dish, traditionally served on New Year's Day, has black-eyed peas, brown rice, carrots, corn, hominy grits, polenta, and sweet peppers. It's no wonder that eating it brings good luck.

Beans, Collards and Rice Baby Food


Brown rice provides some whole grains in your baby's diet with this homemade baby food recipe.

Brown and Wild Rice Mushroom Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Mushrooms pair deliciously with many varieties of rice, such as in this side dish recipe with flavorful vegetables.

Total: 1 hr 15 mins

Zucchini & Chickpea Ratatouille

Family Circle

Fans of zucchini and chickpeas will enjoy this vegetarian recipe. Italian-seasoned tomatoes and red pepper flakes add flavor and a hint of spice.

Bulgur-Rice Pilaf with Green Beans

Better Homes and Gardens

Toasting enhances the flavor of nuts, enabling just a small amount to perk up an entire dish. Here toasted almonds supply a pleasant crunch to this lemon-scented pilaf.

Total: 25 mins
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