Quick and Easy Low Fat Dishes

If they're made right, healthy low-fat recipes taste just as good as their full-fat counterparts. From oatmeal to snacks to suppers, our healthy low-fat recipes are easy, quick, and delicious.

See Popular Quick and Easy Low Fat Dishes Recipes

How to Make Easy Chicken Pita Sandwiches

For a quick, healthy meal learn how to make these easy chicken pita sandwiches. The pita perfectly holds this delicious combination of chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and more.

How to Make Crabmeat Salad Sandwiches

Set aside the tuna, and learn how to make crabmeat salad sandwiches. Artichoke adds a pleasantly surprising twist to the classic sandwich, and a new layer of flavor.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes, as Easy as Pumpkin Pie!

The Thanksgiving holiday feast doesn't have to be a calorie-laden festival of over-indulgence. However, that doesn't mean you'll have to gnaw on celery sticks and iceberg lettuce all day to keep things on the healthy side -- not when there are so many tasty alternatives to the classic Thanksgiving dishes. Of course, for diners with dietary restrictions, Thanksgiving can be a day filled with anxiety; having to count calories or watch salt or sugar at the big feast is no fun. But even if you're not under doctor's orders to eat healthy, though, why not seek out lower-fatread more

Chicken Chow Mein: 30-Minute Meal

Stir-fry is always quick, easy, and delicious, and this recipe for Chicken Chow Mein (click here for recipe) is no exception. That it's fast is never in doubt. That it's healthy too -- loaded with vegetables as well as plenty of lean chicken -- is another given.

We Say Potato! Main Dish Spuds

Potatoes deserve to move from the obligatory side dish to the dinner table's main event. Meat-and-potatoes sounds so sad, so everyday. With these main-dish potato recipes, you'll not only indulge yourself in one of nature's most perfect sources of vitamins, but also have one of the original comfort foods front and center.

How to Make Spicy Orange Chicken

Make this low fat, low calorie spicy orange chicken over a bed of spinach for a meal that looks as good as it tastes.

How to Make Potato Soup

When you are in the mood for a warm comfort food on a fall day soup is at the top of the list. This potato soup recipe is a perfect fit and a healthier choice since it replaces cream with fat free milk.

Quick, Easy & Perfect Pork Chops

Quick and easy pork chop recipes can be lifesavers on those night when cooking dinner is more of a challenge than an adventure. After all, just about everyone loves pork chops. They're low in fat, and they taste great alongside whatever summer sides you can whip up.

MyPlate Meals: 6 Healthy, Out-of-the-Ordinary Chicken Recipes

Healthy chicken recipes that taste as good as they are good for you.

MyPlate Meals: 8 Healthy (Affordable!) Seafood Recipes

In the classic fairytale, Goldilocks was on a quest to find the perfect bowl of porridge. Here in the real world, as we've learned more and more about the health benefits of eating fish, many of us are on a quest to find the perfect seafood: one that's not too expensive, not unhealthy, but just right. This can sometimes seem like an impossible task. On one hand, there are choices such as lobster and salmon: delicious and healthy, but also sometimes astonishingly expensive. At the other end of the spectrum are fast-food fried fish filets: they're cheap, but they'reread more

How to Make Mom's Meatloaf

Make Mom's meat loaf for your next family dinner for a home-style meal with less calories. This hearty American classic is a healthier version but retains all of the goodness that made it a classic.

How to Make Banana-Strawberry Smoothies

If you want a great way to get a protein/fruit boost in the morning, learn how to make this banana strawberry smoothie.

Pork & Broccoli Stir-Fry: 30-Minute Meal

Chinese stir-fry is awesome. We all agree. Is it the fact that's it's such a healthy dish (love that broccoli)? Is it the pork? (Sure, that too!) Or is it just because this great recipe for a Pork and Broccoli Stir-Fry (click here for the recipe) is so darn fast -- clocking in at only 30 minutes. Of course, it's all those things, plus fresh ginger-- for that authentic Chinese taste -- and water chestnuts. It's the garlic (what would Chinese food be without garlic?), red pepper flakes (to add some spicy zing), and, last but not least, juicyread more

Real Quiche for Real Life

Quiche takes eggs way beyond the breakfast or brunch table (although we can't think of a more fitting morning dish). The basic palette of fresh eggs and flaky crust invites ingredients from cheese and ham (in a classic quiche Lorraine) to garden vegetables to hot and spicy Mexican salsas and sausages to create an elegant (and oh so easy) entree for lunch, dinner, or a midday nosh. Back in the day, it was said (with tongue in cheek) that "real men don't eat quiche."

How to Make Our Best-Ever Chocolate Cake

When you are craving a really good chocolate dessert reach for this recipe and make our best-ever chocolate cake. The rich creamy frosting makes this cake decadent.

Easy New Year's Resolutions: Make the Moves on Mustard!

Mayo lovers, we feel your pain. Creamy, eggy mayonnaise is a beautiful thing. It's also lousy with fat. So throw a flavor curve at your salads and sandwiches and dip into mustard! At less than 50 calories a serving, and in varieties like Dijon, honey and ultra-grainy, mustard is definitely not only the low-fat choice but the more zesty one. And, surprise, mustard seeds act as an anti-inflammatory and are loaded with antioxidants. Don't be shy -- let mustard spike up your cooked dishes, too, such as this crisp oven-fried chicken or these marvelous mustard ribs. read more

How to Make Fettuccine Alfredo

There is so much flavor packed into such an easy sauce. Make this Italian classic for your next meal with this cream and Parmesan sauce.

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