Quick and Easy Dessert

Forget to plan for dessert? Don't worry--with these no-stress, quick and easy desserts, you can pull together quick and easy cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and strawberry desserts in no time at all.

So-Easy Chocolate Souffle

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New to cooking? Try this impressive looking, super simple chocolate dessert.

How to Make Sweet Potato Pie

If you want to know how to make sweet-potato pie as silky smooth and buttery rich as what comes out of a Southern cook's kitchen, this is the recipe for you. Evaporated milk gives it a velvety texture, and a hint of lemon and dash of nutmeg keep the pie from becoming cloyingly sweet.

How to Make Chocolate Pie

Knowing how to make chocolate pie from scratch is a dying art. Not many of us have the time and patience to cook custard to just the right consistency and painstakingly roll out pie crusts. This quick version of chocolate pie can be whipped up in the morning for the perfect dessert by dinnertime: Pudding mix and melted chocolate chips keep the process fast but maintain the deep, rich flavor of the traditional chocolate custard.

Almond-Clementine Lace Cookies

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In under an hour, you can turn out bakery-quality cookies. Use clementine or orange juice to give the thin shells fresh flavor.

Sweet Cheese Tortes

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This fruit-and-cheese-stuffed dessert can be put together in just 20 minutes.

Sleepover Pies


For an interactive party dessert, ask kids to design their dessert doppelgangers using pie crust and colorful frosting.

How To Make Flatbread

It's easy to pick up pre-made flatbread at the supermarket, but discovering how to make flatbread is a skill that you'll want to pull out every once in awhile for a warm, super-fresh treat.

Chocolate Fondue

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Indulge in Chocolate Fondue in under 15 minutes and only 3 ingredients. Switch it up and try peanut butter, mocha or white chocolate variations.

Total: 15 mins

Fluffy Frosting

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Salted Caramel Sauce

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Drizzle this quick caramel sauce over apple pie, cakes or ice cream.

Pinwheel Pear Tart


Pears are arranged in a pretty pinwheel pattern on top of the pie crust for this low-fat dessert.

Wheely Delicious Cake


A crispy marshmallow and cereal treat makes the Ferris wheel for this fun dessert. Candy makes it colorful.

Crispy Chocolate Chewies

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Lovers of German Chocolate Cake will adore this quick and easy cookie recipe created in its honor.

Cookies-and-Cream Cupcakes

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Cookies and cream make an undeniably delicious combination, especially when packaged into scrumptious cupcakes. Starting with a white cake mix means these cupcakes are simple to make.

Quick Panforte bars

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These rich dessert bars are much easier to make than traditional panforte--an Italian fruitcake-like pastry.

Caramelized Bananas


Enjoy a fruity dessert in just 15 minutes! Serve these caramelized bananas on their own or on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Quick and Easy Dessert  Recipes: Take your pick!
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