Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Save time in the kitchen while impressing dinner guests with our delicious stuffed pork tenderloin recipes, from juicy apple-stuffed tenderloin to sumptuous herb-stuffed tenderloin.

Herb-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

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Slices of this roast pork turn into spirals of meat and flavorful romaine and herb stuffing.

Pork with Pears and Barley

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Stuffed pork and barley make for a satisfying dinner that's low in fat and high in fiber.

Scrumptious Stuffed Pork

Midwest Living

This standout pork tenderloin is stuffed with three root vegetables and drizzled with a deliciously rich mustard sauce.

Grape Stuffed Pork Loin Rolls

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Thinly pound the pork tenderloins to roll around stuffing and to roast quickly. The sliced spirals, beautiful to serve, ensure nutty herbed stuffing in every bite.

Pork Pinwheels with Roasted-Garlic Mayonnaise

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A single slice of this cheese-and-nut-stuffed pork will do as an appetizer portion; two or three make a meal when partnered with other potluck favorites.

Apple-Stuffed Pork Roast

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Impressive on the table and healthy for your heart! Plan a holiday dinner around this festive pork roast. It's deceptively low in calories, fat, and sodium.

Rosemary-Apricot Pork Tenderloin


A mustard-fruit spread and chopped apricots make a delicious filling for the lean pork tenderloin in this low-calorie dinner.

Basil-and-Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Spirals with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Impress your guests with the amazing display of pork tenderloin spirals filled with a delectable fresh herb, mushroom, and Parmesan stuffing.

How to Cook Pork Tenderloin

For lean white meat that's diet friendly and packed with nutrition, it's hard to top pork, especially the tenderloin. Follow this recipe for how to cook pork tenderloin and you'll end up with a dish that melts in your mouth. This method calls for so few ingredients, you might worry that the meat will be bland, but good pork tenderloin needs little more than a sprinkle of salt and a dash of pepper to bring out its naturally sweet flavor.

Pork with Pear Stuffing

Diabetic Living

This dish is both elegant and easy to prepare. Let the roast stand for a couple of minutes before slicing it across the grain on a slight diagonal. The stuffing makes a swirl of color in each slice and provides a sweet, nutty counterpoint to the tender pork.

How to Cook Stuffed Pork Chops

Sometimes you want a meal without having to worry about multiple side dishes, and learning how to cook stuffed pork chops is a perfect solution.

How to Make Spring Rolls

When warm weather brings a bounty of colorful vegetables to the market, it's time to learn how to make spring rolls, featuring the season's finest produce. From bright orange carrots to verdant green onions, spring rolls can offer such a gorgeous rainbow of colors they're almost too pretty to eat!

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