Honey Glazed Ham

Brushing a honey glaze over a freshly baked ham will leave your family and friends begging for the recipe. Try a classic honey glazed ham recipe or add a twist of flavor with recipes like honey-orange glazed ham.

See Popular Honey Glazed Ham Recipes

How to Cook a Honey-Glazed Ham

Once you learn how to cook a honey-glazed ham in your own kitchen you'll find it's just as easy to make one at home as it is to make the trip to a specialty store for a pre-sliced ham with a packet of glaze. What's more, you'll find the homemade version is considerably less expensive.

How to Cook a Honey Glazed Ham

Learn how to make a brown sugar honey glazed ham, and holiday meals are no longer itimidating! You can have an impressive and delicious main course without spending hours in the kitchen.

Glazed Baked Ham

Better Homes and Gardens

It's easy to make a ham glaze. Give this one a try and you'll see. Simple and delicious!

Ham with Honey-Mustard Glaze

Better Homes and Gardens

Grilling--and a honey-mustard glaze with orange juice and ginger--enhances the smoky flavor of ham.

Holiday Ham with Cider Glaze

Better Homes and Gardens

Need a new ham glaze? Try this apple-mustard version. It's super easy to make.

Ham on the Grill

Midwest Living

This honey-mustard glazed ham is cooked on the grill. It's the perfect centerpiece for any big backyard gathering.

Southern-Style Peach Honey Ham Bake


A great way to dress up Smithfield's Spiral Ham for a special occasion.

Total: 1 hr
Total: 10 mins

Holiday Glazed Ham

Better Homes and Gardens

Make your traditional baked ham for Easter dinner with a new sweet glaze. This recipe gives you a choice of plum, maple-pecan, or cranberry.

Orange-Honey Glazed Ham

Better Homes and Gardens

Orange marmalade and honey pair up to make a tangy sweet sauce for a holiday ham.

Stout-Glazed Ham

Better Homes and Gardens

Plan on using the leftover ham in sandwiches or at breakfast or brunch.

How to Bake a Honey Baked Ham

To strike the perfect balance between salty and sweet, get the hang of how to make a honey baked ham. It's a classic holiday dish, but there's no need to save it for special occasions--it makes a satisfying dinner (with guaranteed leftovers!) any day of the year.

What to Make for Christmas Dinner: Cranberry-Glazed Ham

All eyes may be on what Santa brought Christmas morning, but by 11 or so, everyone's buried in a pile of wrapping paper, the dog's wandering around with a bow around his neck, and dolls are strewn about like casualties, the sense of mini-calamity heightened by the intermittent burst of toy gun fire (thanks, grandma and grandpa for the laser guns with five sound settings!) That's what makes Christmas dinner so important -- so critical. It's the thing that pulls you out of the Christmas morning stupor, a rallying point that motivates everyone (well, the adults at least) to climb out of the wreckage of boxes and bows and get moving again.

Honey-Glazed Buttermilk Oatmeal Coffee Cake to Start the Day

A sweet, gooey layer of honey and pecans tops off a warm buttermilk and oatmeal cake to make this coffee cake one to remember.

Novel Noel: 8 Surprising Christmas Dinner Ideas

When you start thinking about Christmas dinner, roast beef or honey-glazed ham likely come to mind -- but there's no reason to get bogged down in tradition. The whole point of the season is to celebrate, so take a little walk on the wild side with a Yuletide main course that doesn't fit the mold. Who knows?

Ham it Up for Easy Holiday Recipes: Leftover Logic

Turkey is so last month. It's time to think ham, for easy, versatile recipes that will let you sail through the rest of your holiday entertaining. Start with one of these classic recipes -- for this Brown Sugar-Glazed Ham (click here for the recipe pictured here) or a sweet and smoky Baked Country Ham (click here for the recipe) -- either of which feeds a ton of people and can be served hot or at room temperature as the stunning centerpiece of a festive breakfast, late-morning brunch, or dress-up holiday dinner.

How to Cook Chicken Legs

While chicken breasts often get all the glory, the drumsticks and thighs hold some of the juiciest and most flavorful meat--and even better, they're inexpensive and easy to prepare. Drumsticks are also favorites among young diners since they come with a "handle" and are fun to eat. So, knowing how to cook chicken legs is an especially useful skill for anyone feeding a family.

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